General Submissions
Poets’ Corner Award

by Joe Blades
© 1996

for Darryl Boardman

buddy books
good friends

wee folk slipped between
those hard cases with stiff
spines bound in boards

one suite of poems
a story or chapter
of a potential bigger

chapmen peddlers
selling more pamphlets
than all the booksellers
of 16th century london

publications with less
than 48 pages
bound with staples
or handsewn
no spine to crack

produced on the cheap
to get the words out
cheap for your wallet
not your active mind

an honest publication
of what’s being written
right here right now
not dependent on a bottom line
or marketing department tie-ins


a local “local”
with a few things to say
that’s a chapbook
for you

Thank you for your interest in chapbooks. Since 1985, we have published chapbooks alongside our established tradebook program. Of late, we have published one or two chapbooks per year. SpareTime Editions is now our main chapbook imprint—mostly for poetry—sometimes illustrated. BOOK RAT is a chapbook series (ISSN 1183-0220) specifically for found poetry and texts, homolinguistic translations in poetic form, and concrete poetry.

Our chapbooks have run 4 to 32 pages in length, usually published in print runs of 100 to 300. We have also published some chapbooks as BJP eBooks in PDF format.

Recent chapbooks:
Is that you, Vincent? by Pauline Michel; Jonathan Kaplansky, translator (fiction, 20 pp)
Afterimage / naknadna slika by Joe Blades; Bobana Stephen, translator (poetry: English-Serbian, 20 pp)
aubade sampler, BJP eBook, by rob mclennan (poetry, 16 pp)

For a sample chapbook, send $6 (including GST in Canada) to:
Box 596 Stn A
Fredericton NB E3B 5A6

Download a free copy of the PDF of Tim Lander’s informed and instructional "How to do it . . ." essay The Art of the Chapbook (Broken Jaw Press) formatted for printing on a 2-sided 8.5 x 14 (legal) sheet of paper.

And/or, send $12 to Maritimes Arts Projects Productions, Box 596 Stn A, Fredericton NB E3B 5A6, Canada, to purchase a copy of the resource- and testamonial-filled Some Stuff on Canadian Spoken Word & Indie Publishing (NCRA/ANREC, 2004), Joe Blades, editor.

• We do, however, encourage you, as the poem says, to D-I-Y. Create your own chapbook press. After all, you, wherever you live, whatever you do, should be the best promoter of your own work. Don’t submit. DO IT YOURSELF!