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some stuff on canadian spoken word & indie publishing
Joe Blades, editor

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Release: March 2004
nonfiction arts reference/literary collection (BISAC: language arts & disciplines/publishing-LAN027000, literary collections/Canadian-LCO006000)
46 pp / 5 x 8.5 / paper
ISBN-13 978-0973028-0-0
ISBN 0-9735028-0-0

“Editor Joe Blades has compiled an interesting issue devoted to some of the artists, writers, publishers and organizers that help make small press publishing and spoken word happen in Canada.”
—Lisa Whittington-Hill, Broken Pencil, issue 26

“An excellent collection of information, stories and cool things.”
—Jeremy Gorman on The Lunchbox (CHSR 97.9 FM)

“It’s quite entertaining, probably especially to people just getting into the micropress scene and curious about it all.”
—Maggie Helwig, WORD: toronto’s literary calendar

“The chapbook is a mysterious beast. The thing about chapbooks is that you do them because you’re obsessed ... you’re in love with writing and the immediacy of self-publishing ... Blades put out his first chapbook back in 1980. He released his latest one last month. It’s an anthology of writing on “non-millionaire culture”, released as a companion to the National Campus Radio Association’s Dig Your Roots spoken word CD. Blades was the only one obsessed enough to actually produce his by the deadline ... he’s maintained his grass roots. The result is ... crammed with tales from the spoken word scene.”
—Stephanie Domet, The Coast

Contributors and/or subjects:
Tara Bryan—walking bird press, David Rimmington, Joe Blades—Broken Jaw Press, Serge Patrice Thibodeau, Vince Tinguley, Fluffy Pagan Echoes (Scott Duncan, Ran Elfassy, Justin McGrail, Victoria Stanton, Vincent Tinguely), Denise DeMoura—Hitching Poet Press, Joel Katelnikoff—The Neo-Comintern, Jared Peace, Bernadette L. Wagner—B-) Print Editions, derek beaulieu—housepress, Heather Bean and Nathan Stark—Widows & Orphans, Stephanie Maricevic, Tim Lander, Andrew Spencer, Dub Poetry Collective, Theytus Books, projet Mobilivre Bookmobile project

Walking the ToC, An Introduction
by Joe Blades, Editor

Three weeks ago, Tristis Ward, Station Manager at CHSR, in Fredericton NB—where I’ve done a weekly spoken word program since 1995—telephoned about a project for the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA): To produce/make zines on Canada-wide D-I-Y, indie, “non-millionaire culture”, and lifestyle choices. Tristis asked if I would be editor of one on spoken word and small press publishing. With a max. of 48 pages, including cover, on 8½ x 11 paper; they would be printed on a top-loading photocopier, centre stapled, folded, and published for NCRA Dig Your Roots events in March. I was worried about overextending myself, being far too familiar with the “Ask a busy person . . .” adage.
I started making lists, with circled clusters and arrows, linking topics, people, and press projects, that I thought could produce near-instant articles and stuff—including graphics and poetry. My own files held articles and interviews that could be raided. Feeling that it was possible, I agreed to be editor because of my involvement in the subject, for the publication’s purpose, and to nourish my creativity. To edit and publish within a month, when, these days, even my Broken Jaw Press can take years between idea and publication, was so appealing, so close to my own Do-It-Yourself roots as writer, zinster, artist and indie publisher.
A question I asked was whether to distinguish small trade publishers from grassroots micro, independent, publishing activity. Industry definitions of “small press” include “4 to 49 books per year”, “under five employees”, “less than $250,000 in annual sales”—all of which seem to be “small business”, and to not necessarily have anything to do with independent publishers living in the land of artist books, chapbooks, zines, poetry, and performance.
Those early idea lists became the framework for the table of contents, the ToC. The result is between zine and book. The focus is personal, the “i” of independent, the “i” of individual, telling what each has done—some illustrated with their own poetry. Artists, writers, and indie publishers, from Flatrock, on Newfoundland, to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, have written about their trials and adventures in indie publishing, letterpress and book arts, ezines and print zines, how to hand-sew chapbooks, the downside of getting published work to a readership, a journey from performance poet to audio artist, on being a literary radio show and author reading series host, and more. At the end, there’s two pages of web addresses for the contributors, independent literary and trade publisher groups across Canada, and some other stuff.
If you feel something is missing, or if you want more, Do-It-Yourself!
—21 February 2004

About the Editor
Joe Blades is not just a poet. He is President/Publisher of Broken Jaw Press Inc., and on the editorial board of ellipse magazine. Blades has been based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, since 1990. He is the editor of six books including Jive Talk: George Fetherling in Interviews & Documents and Great Lakes Logia, both published in 2001. He was curator of Videopoems: A Screening for the Tidal Wave Film Festival 2003. Since 1995, he has been a community radio producer/host at CHSR 97.9 FM with a weekly program, Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show. Blades is the author of over a score of chapbooks and artist books, with contributions to numerous anthologies and periodicals. His full-length poetry collections are Cover Makes a Set (SpareTime Editions, 1990), River Suite (Insomniac Press, 1998), Open Road West (Broken Jaw Press, 2000, 2001), and casemate poems (Widows & Orphans, 2004).

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