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Republic of Parts
Stephanie Maricevic

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“Like Jerzy Kosinski’s prose pieces in Steps, these poems involve the reader in a strangeness, taking him or her to foreign parts that are touched by the Mediterranean, and middle-European clans, who are as hot and hearty or cranky as the sea and mountains. It is a place where beauty and beastliness overnight at the same inn, while nearby the pig is slaughtered for the next day’s wedding feast, where the bread and the wine are shared, putting the simple and savoury present into a communion with the bloody and dubious past, and all the while the fearsome and lovely fascinations unroll, like the road under the wheels of the motorcycle which the poet and her companion travel on. A beautiful debut book for Stephanie Maricevic. It will put her high on the roster of new and talented Canadian poets who write world poetry.”
—George McWhirter, The Book of Contradictions

“These poems are artifacts of war, memory, family and cultural connection. They are also artefacts of hope. Here are gritty and grounded details of life at home and in unstable lands, canny observations of the world that show a maturity of vision, historical grounding, and humour. Welcome this poet of sharp insight and intelligence who infuses history with the truth of imagination.”
—lorri neilsen glenn, all the perfect disguises

“Achingly good. Maricevic is a master storyteller astride two cultures. These poems flow into page turning pleasure. Detailed imagery slips smoothly into memory and lingers long: Balkan towns both ancient unchanged and destroyed, people’s houses and the sewing of a wedding dress. Characters are mostly ultra-real: a lately-met grandmother, a stranger holding a child’s hand, a man trying on a jacket. But pure fantasy also rounds out the collection.”
—Denise DeMoura, Break The Silence

Stephanie Maricevic lives in Vancouver BC, works as an administrator in education, and teaches creative writing. Maricevic completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. Of Croatian-English-Scottish descent, Maricevic moved to Croatia for a year when she was nineteen to study language and culture at the University of Zagreb.
Her work has appeared in The Antigonish Review, Grain, Event, Descant, and Some Stuff About Canadian Spoken Word & Indie Publishing (NCRA/ANREC). A children’s poetry manuscript won second prize in the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s 2003 literary competition. Republic of Parts, winner of the 2004 Poets’ Corner Award, is Maricevic’s first book.

Artist Statement
Many of the poems come out of my travels along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, both from before and after the recent war, and explore the relationship between geography and history and its impact on my family. The collection also examines the immigrant experience and the difficulties of integrating cultures. When you are a stranger in a land where you don't initially speak the language, observations are often based on a limited perception — like interpreting shadowy outlines through half-closed curtains. The personae are often those who run counter to the norm and wholly civilized. There is a wildness and deviousness which comes from a middle world where we all came from and try our best to forget, but whose ferment always threatens to overflow the borders of good behaviour and neighbourliness. It is both superb and sullen, like the sun at dusk or on a winter morning.

• media and review copy mailout
• Launch: Word on the Street Vancouver

Release: August 2004
poetry (BISAC: POE011000)
80 pp / 5.5 x 8.5 / trade paper
Broken Jaw Press & BS Poetry Society
ISBN 1-55391-025-7, $16.95

26 Sept. 2004: Stephanie Maricevic @The Word on the Street, Library Square, Vancouver BC

13 June 2005, 7:30 pm: reading—Vancouver Public Library City Poets series presents Three Women Poets from UBC: Amanda Lamarche, Stephanie Maricevic, and Fiona Tinwei Lam. Alma VanDusen Room, Central Library–lower level, 350 West Georgia St, Vancouver, BC. VPL events line: 604.331.3602.

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