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Garden of the Gods
Dina Desveaux

full size book cover

“An engaging first novel that takes the reader on a young Acadian woman’s quest for identity, a key to which rests in the image of a beautiful nude figure on an antique rug. The protagonist’s unrelenting search takes her to Paris, where she discovers the key role of a personage during an important period in Acadian history. If you are wondering how all of this fits together, read Garden of the Gods!”
— Beverly Matherne, Cajun writer, director of the MFA program in creative writing at Northern Michigan University

Garden of the Gods gives voice to contemporary Acadian women. From Chéticamp to Halifax to Paris, the narrator’s friends and female ancestors leap off the page with their strength, dynamism, and inspiration, as the novel unravels multiple mysteries from the time of the French Revolution to the present day.
An Acadian woman returns to her native village of Chéticamp to take a summer job. Discovering a mysterious hooked rug in the attic of her family home, she returns to the city intent on unravelling the yarns of this mystery. Along the way, Isabelle Desveaux uncovers many facets of her heritage and of herself.
Along the way an actor becomes posessed on stage. A trans-Atlantic email friendship turns on a typo. A visit to “The Rug Lady”, who also reads tarot cards, leaves Isabelle even more mystified. Dusty school notebooks and journals are also found in the family attic. A woman and her grandmother share the same name. Jardin des Dieux doesn’t exist in Paris...or does it?

Dina Desveaux is not given to pigeonholing people into professions, and thinks of herself as a student of life. Born in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, she is a product of the Acadian heritage that she writes about. Desveaux studied at Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University. With the exception of studies abroad in Spain, she has lived and worked in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1984, and currently teaches Spanish at École de Carrefour.
Dina Desveaux has published poetry in BSPS Journal and Spokes magazines as well as short fiction, written in French, in Le Petit Courier, an Acadian newspaper. Garden of the Gods is her first novel and first book.

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Release: July 2004 / fiction — novel (BISAC: FIC019000, FIC014000)
Rights: worldwide
224 pp / 6 x 9 / trade paper
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-55391-018-4, $21.95
4 Aug, 2004: Congrès mondial acadien 2004—Chéticamp
8 Aug, 2004: Economy Shoe Shop Cafe & Bar, Halifax NS
19 Sept 2004: The Word on the Street Halifax, Pier 20, Halifax NS