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The Robbie Burns Revival & Other Stories
Cecilia Kennedy

full size book cover

Winner of the New Muse Award 2003!

Title story is finalist for the 2005 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story.

“This tops my list of Best Read of the Year [2004] mainly because of Kennedy’s writing style and the power of the stories...Tony is very much the kind of cop I’d want on my side.”
—Linda Wiken, Prime Crime Mystery Bookstore
in Independently Reviewed

“Good cop, good cop . . . In this engaging and insightful collection of linked stories . . . Kennedy masterfully plays upon our instincts and prejudices, setting us up for unexpected truths . . .”
—Jim Bartley, The Globe and Mail

“Cecilia Kennedy’s book is well written, interesting and, once started, hard to put down.”
De Nederlandse Courant

“Cecilia Kennedy’s stories have the feel of a favorite sweater about them. They’re richly textured, warm and comforting, and her characters are at once unique yet familiar. These tales are a mix of Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town, and the best of W.P. Kinsella’s Hobemma stories. She’s a new writer, but don’t let that fool you, because she writes with all the maturity of an old sage.”
—Edo van Belkom, author of Martyrs and Scream Queen

“Tony Aardehuis is one of the strongest characters I’ve read in a long time.”
—Melanie Fogel, editor, Storyteller Magazine

“This collection of short stories is polished and engaging. While each story is expertly structured and able to stand alone, as a whole they make a greater story and statement. All of the stories in this collection centre around the same main character who, as a lifelong resident and police officer of a typical small Ontario town, knows what many people spend their lives learning: that truth is elusive and stereotypes deceiving. Narrated by a sensitive, steady and extremely human narrator, Tony Aardehuis himself defies stereotypes and continually surprises the reader as he uncovers the sometimes shocking, sometimes poignant truths behind the memorable cases and personal situations he finds before him.”
—Christina Kilbourne, Day of the Dog-Tooth Violets

“Lots of tension and excellent characters—not just Owen Debrett but Tony, the narrator. A mystery, a unique weapon, politics and the internet: it’s chock-full of tasty ingredients.”
“. . . a war story that isn’t. Heartwarming and patriotic in a way that is surprising and not flag waving. I didn’t realize what the story was really about until the end—and then enjoyed it even more.”
—Judges’ comments, Great Canadian Story Contest

These linked short stories tell the tales of Tony Aardehuis, a young Ontario police officer who centres more on the human puzzle than on crime and detection. Fraud, theft, blackmail: every small town crime short of murder drives these stories to conclusions that usually warm the heart. Along the way Tony struggles, like the rest of us, to figure it all out. The first Tony Aardehuis story written was inspired by the Eastern Ontario ice storm of 1998 and the suggestion that natural disaster might double as a murder weapon. This constable meets life with a fine blend of curiosity, compassion and an occasional bent for bending the rules.

The author, Cecilia Kennedy, shares her character’s Dutch Canadian heritage and roots in the landscape of rural Ontario. She currently lives in Brampton, Ontario. Her fiction has been published in , The Grist Mill, Bone Dance (General Store Publishing House), and Storyteller Magazine, where they twice won The Great Canadian Story Contest. One story included in the book was a finalist for an Arthur Ellis Award 2003. Winner of the New Muse Award 2003, this is Kennedy’s first book.

• Ads in The Globe and Mail, Atlantic Books Today etc.
• media and review copy mailout
Literary Press Group of Canada’s
, May-June 2005

May 2004 (3rd printing: May 2005), short fiction (BISAC: FIC029000)
157 pp, 5.5 x 8.5, trade paper
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-55391-024-9, $20.95

13 June 2004: “Storming the Stage” author interview and book signing, Literary Press Group @ BookExpo Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON

13 June 2004: book signing @ Crime Writers of Canada, BookExpo Canada, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON

7-10 Oct 2004: BoucherCon 35th Annual World Mystery Convention – “Murder Among the Maples”, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON