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coalition of artists united for social engagement

65 international poets united against violence against women

Gino d’Artali, Editor

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I Love You is a selection of the poetry written in English and Spanish entered by poets worldwide to FacingFaces 2002 in Ciudad Juárez, México. I Love You is a compelling collection of poetry that often heartbreakingly reveals the pain and suffering girls and women undergo when being confronted with domestic violence and sexual abuse. It is also a book of hope, simultaneously revealing the strength victims have to overcome their abusers’ cowardliness, and showing their courage to share their stories with you.

Some poets entered more than one poem. Their contributions can be found online at FacingFaces03. On the FacingFaces website, you can also view artwork contributed to FacingFaces 2002 – most of which are based on a submitted poem. c.a.u.s.e.: coalition of artists united for social engagement has published a Flash edition of this book, including all of the artwork, on CD-ROM.

A generous portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will go to c.a.u.s.e. to further its projects and its partnering with local organizations committed to supporting the victims of violence against women and children and to the elimination of violence against women and children. To find out more about c.a.u.s.e. and the FacingFaces project, please visit the website

Gustavo Woijcechowsky, Uruguay • Alex Lemon, USA • Allyn Algar Garavaglia, USA • Anastasia Royal, USA • Amit K. Ghosh, India • Arcana, Netherlands • Arminé Ariona, México • Avi, México • Brad Eubanks, USA • Carlene Parianos, Australia • Carol Sircoulomb, USA • D.C. Bursey, USA • Durlabh Singh, Kenya • Erick Falcon, México • Eva Lewarme, Poland • Gene Keller, USA • Gino d’Artali, Belgium • Hakon Soreide, Norway • Hans-Georg Turstig, Germany • Jamie Deramee, USA • Jennifer Beth Burnett, USA • Jenn Loring, USA • jim “max” christ, USA • Josse, México • Liz Gonzalez, USA • Liza Di Georgina, México • Lori Williams, USA • Lorraine Kelly, UK • Lucina, México • Marcia Borell, USA • Marques Vickers, USA • Melinda Crider, USA • Melisande Luna, USA • Michaela A. Gabriel, Austria • Michelle Epperson, USA • Minnetta A. David, USA • Nela Rio, Canada • Pam Colling, USA • Pippa Brush, UK • poeticpiers (I.E. Hogg), UK • Rachelle Wiegand, USA • Rafael Melendez, México • Robert W. Proctor, USA • Rose Konda, USA • Sandy Strunk, USA • Selfa A. Chew, México • Shanti Weiland, USA • Sharon Proper, USA • Shilo Schweizer, USA • SIX POETS CONVERSE (Alice Pero, Mary Hazen-Stearns, Ryfkah, Thomas Fortenberry, Gary Blankenship, Marylin Injeyan), USA • *starshine*, USA • Susan Stone Salas, USA • Tammara Hayimi Slilat, Israel • Teemu Lahteenmaki, Finland • TLC Birdsill, USA • Valta Ortega, México • Veronica Leiton, Chile • Verónica Olivas, México • Windy Sue, USA • Yessica, Nicaragua

FacingFaces01 exhibit was presented at Museo del INBA in Ciudad Juárez, México, and selections were shown in El Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. A selection from FacingFaces 2001/02 toured El Paso, Texas, USA; Fredericton NB, Canada – sister exhibit to Outspoken Art/Arte Claro, March 2003; Los Angeles CA, USA, April/May 2003; and the complete exhibition of FacingFaces 2002 (65 artworks) was exhibited at Museo Ex Aduana, Ciudad Juárez, México, in June 2003. The exhibition tour continues in 2004. Please visit the FacingFaces website for updates.

Biographical Note
Gino d’Artali, the editor of I Love You, is a Belgian artist and curator who lived in Ciudad Juárez, México, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, when he initiated this project. He is the director of c.a.u.s.e.: coalition of artists united for social engagement, and the curator of FacingFaces, an ongoing art and poetry project against violence towards women.

May 2003 / poetry, women’s studies
(BISAC: POE001000, POE000000, SOC028000)
5.5” x 8.5” / 96 pp, tradepaper
Broken Jaw Press & c.a.u.s.e.: coalition of artists united for social engagement
ISBN 0-921411-31-6 / $17.95

Exhibit & Readings Tour

26 April through 30 May 2003: FacingFaces @ Ave 50 Studio, Highland Park (Los Angeles) CA, USA

April 2004: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

May 2004: FacingFaces @ Antwerp Book Capital 2004, Antwerpen, Belgium

June 2004: FacingFaces partnered with Art for Humanity, Durban, South Africa