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All the Perfect Disguises
Lorri Neilsen Glenn

2003 (second printing: September 2005)
poetry (BISAC: POE011000)
96 pp, 5.5 X 8.5
ISBN 13 1-55391-010-7
ISBN 1-55391-010-9 (tp)

full size book cover

Winner of the Poets’ Corner Award 2003

“Neilsen Glenn has a wonderful gift for evoking sensual experience. She builds landscapes out of perfectly evoked sounds, smells and textures. She’s a northern poet, and these poems are full of northern light—weak suns, grey skys, bone-numbing cold.
She’s not easy. She writes a kind of poetic shorthand which demands work from the reader, engagement, a committment to filling in the gaps. Thankfully the intensity is lightened by humour—and the laid-back comedy of a piece like AT UGLY DUCKLINGS ANONYMOUS is as fully achieved as the drama of DELIVERY, with its glimpse of the brutality and grandeur of backwoods life in early 20th century Saskatchewan.
This is a first collection, but in no way the work of a novice. Neilsen Glenn has word-craft and intelligence and character.”
New Hope International Review Online (UK)

All the Perfect Disguises by Lorri Neilsen Glenn is a first book of poetry by someone who is at the stage of life where she has studied, nurtured, rebelled, taught, contemplated, and questioned—someone in the perfect position to write subtle, humorous, and disturbing poetry about a range of life experiences . . . The poems of this collection demonstrate a mastery of craft in the variety of forms (narrative and lyric, concrete and found) and techniques—precise and evocative imagery.
Prairie Fire Review of Books

“Her poems are dry, honed, carefully shaped . . . clear, elegant style throws into strong relief her stunning imagery and tales of life on the planet.”
—Lindsay Brown, The Daily News

“[All the Perfect Disguises] is a philosophical investigation in personal, closely-felt details of genealogy, womanhood, history, and language itself. There is plenty here to stir and surprise . . . [her] lyrics are marked by a delicate, painterly feel for the right verbs and images . . . Welcome [Neilsen] Glenn as a fearless, fearsome voice.”
—George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Sunday Herald

More praise for Neilsen Glenn’s poetry:
“Here is a seasoned feminist eye, an Irish bite. Here is also the raw throb and ache of life lived in deep connection with the past, with seasonal time, and with the history that people’s interlaced lives create in a community. And here is beguiling music, ecstatic rhythms danced in a dazzling array of lines. Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s first book of poetry has been well worth the wait.”
—Daphne Marlatt, author of This Tremor Love Is

“An excellent example of poetry as storytelling . . . chronicles everyday life itself . . . where the simplest of events are often as shattering or affirming as any death or birth.”
—Eric Hill, author of Every Tool is a Weapon if You Hold it Right

“Describes a milieu of close, warm rooms on frosty nights, handmade quilts, bone china, horses, June bugs, and drowsy summer days in writing that is evocative and unsentimental. Memory is a threat which must be faced openly. It’s all here—not only Country Joe and the Fish and Noxzema but also Sinead O’Connor, feminist theory, Martha and Oprah.”
—Sharon McCartney, author of Under the Abdominal Wall

Since growing up in Western Canada, Nova Scotia has been Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s home for 22 years. She teaches ethnography, arts-based qualitative research, and writing at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With four previous books to her credit under the name Lorri Neilsen (author of three, co-editor of one), including Knowing her Place (1998), winner of the Meade International Award for Research Writing and The Art of Writing Inquiry (2001). Neilsen Glenn’s first book of poetry, All the Perfect Disguises, won the Poets’ Corner Award 2003.

Currently, she is finishing another poetry manuscript, researching the role of place in contemporary Canadian women’s poetry, and writing a collection of essays on grief and loss. Her poetry has won awards and nominations from the National Magazine Awards, Grain Magazine, Prairie Fire, Arc, Contemporary Verse 2, and other journals. She was one of 19 Canadian poets who committed Random Acts of Poetry in October 2004, and will do so again this year.

In April 2005, Mayor Peter Kelly appointed Lorri Neilsen Glenn to a four-year term as Halifax Regional Municipality Poet Laureate. “Being appointed Poet Laureate is being awarded poetic license in the very best sense—to raise awareness of the power of words and to promote the literary arts, to show how they move us, inspire us, challenge us,” said Lorri Neilsen Glenn.

Lorri Neilsen Glenn is the Guest Author in Residence of the St. Peter’s College 2007 Summer Workshops, SK.

• 24 April 2003, 7 pm: Reading – LCP (W)rites of Spring featuring Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Brian Bartlett, Kathy Mac, Sue Goyette and others. Halifax Public Library, Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS.
• 3 May 2003, 7 pm: Spring Fling Cabaret of the Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre, hosted by Jane Kansas; performances by Lorri Neilsen Glenn and other artists @ the Church on North Community Centre, 5657 North St, Halifax, NS.
• 23 May 2003, 7-10 pm: The League of Canadian Poets Poetry Fest 2003 Book Launch of members’ new books. The Salon, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON.
• 24 May 2003, 7-9 pm: New Members’ Reading. @ Royal Oak II, Ottawa, ON.
• 28 May 2003: Cabaret including Lorri Neilsen Glenn @ Shore Club, Hubbards, NS.
• 19 June 2003, 5 pm: Book launch/reading @ The Khyber Arts Centre, 1588 Barrington, Halifax, NS.
• 28 Sept 2003: reading @ Poet’s Corner & Book signing @ the WFNS booth, The Word on the Street Halifax, Pier 22, Terminal Road, Halifax, NS.
• 31 Oct 2003: EJ Pratt reading series, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s, NL.
• 2 Dec 2003: Shoe String Reading Series @ Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar, 1663 Argyle St, Halifax, NS.
• 11 Dec. 2003: Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.
• 4 April 2004 @ LCP (W)rites of Spring Reading. LSPU Hall (Art Gallery), St. John’s, NL.
• May 2004: Reading @ the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, AB.
• 14 May 2004, 7 pm: reading @ McNally Robinson Booksellers Grant Park, Winnipeg, MB.
• 15 May 2004, 7 pm: Prairie Fire Word Fest with Bert Almon, George Amabile, Katharine Bitney, Joanne McDowall, and Armin Wiebe. Quality Inn, 635 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB.
• 27 May 2004: reading—Calgary teachers AISI project @ Nickel Art Museum, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
• 28 May 2004, 10 am: Keynote address—Calgary teachers AISI project @ Nickel Art Museum, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
• 25-30 Oct 2004, Random Acts of Poetry, Halifax, NS.
• 9 June 2006, 1:30-3 PM: Panel discussion, "Life Under A Laureate's Wreath" with Pauline Michel, Louise B. Halfe, Lorri Nielson Glenn and Alice Major.
PoetyFest '06, League of Canadian Poets, Ottawa
• 26 July 2006, Wednesday, 7pm: Three Poet Laureate's reading—Lorri Nielsen Glenn reading with Saskatchewan Poet Laureates Glen Sorestad (former) and Louise Halfe (current) @ McNally Robinson Booksellers, 3130 8th Street, Saskatoon, SK.
• 18-24 Sept 2006, Edmonton Poetry Week, Edmonton, AB
• 20 Sept, Wed, afternoon: "the relation of poet and public" Poet Laureates panel discussion by Pauline Michel (Parliament, Ottawa), a href="">Lorrie Neilsen Glenn (Halifax); Dolores Kendrick (Washington, DC) and Alice Major (Edmonton). @ the University of Alberta.
• 20 Sept, Wed., evening: A public reading by the poet laureates, and celebration of new books by local members of the League of Canadian Poets.
• Random Acts of Poetry, Halifax, NS, 2-8 October 2006

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