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photo by Jan Meyerowitz © 2000
Heart-Beat of Healing
Denise DeMoura

“These poems use plain language to engage important, even crucial, contemporary issues in an unflinching way. They are honest and courageous. Denise poses tough and interesting questions and is not afraid to say she may not know the answers. She reveals an engaged sensibility in a time and place where most are glib and unthinking. This itself is of great value. She pushes hard against illogical and therefore dangerous social barriers. Fearlessness seems her outstanding virtue.”
— Ron Lightbourne, Bermudian teacher, writer & musician

“I’m having fun while I heal from chronic fatigue and other bruises of life. In my poetry this playfulness mixes with my feelings of anger and frustration — mixes with love and small triumphs — mixes with the power of words and nature — to become the Heart-Beat of Healing.”
Denise DeMoura

Denise DeMoura, known as The Poet Hitch Hiker, performs her poetry wherever she can get away with it, from her base in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her freelance articles appear in Rural Delivery, Atlantic Forestry Review and the Mid Ocean News in her native Bermuda. DeMoura placed second in the 1999 Bermuda Poetry Week (performance) competition.
Demoura’s first full-length collection, Break the Silence (Broken Jaw Press), was published in 2002.

June 2000 / 8.5 x 5.5 / 32 pp / poetry (BISAC: POE011000)
SpareTime Editions
an imprint of Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-27-8 / $10
BJP eBook 2, ISBN 1-896647-09-X (PDF)