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The Best Lack All
Tom Schmidt

New Muse Award 1995 winner!

Crocodiles – human, mythological and otherwise, suicide, barroom stories, love, dead manís shoes, the Prairies, fathers and family, human shortcomings ... In The Best Lack All, Tom Schmidt portrays a harsh-edged world with realism and dark humour, with insights and feelings that call for a close examination of self and our values.

Tom Schmidt was born in Regina in 1954 and was educated at the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba. He has taught special education, adult ESL, and a variety of other subjects including English, science, and math. Presently he teaches geography, business communications, and word processing. He collects pulp mystery novels of the í40s and í50s and is a film buff with a special interest in film noir. He lives with his wife and children in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His poetry has been published in numerous magazines: Blood and Aphorisms, Wascana Review, sub-Terrain, Zygote, Undertow, Black Cat 115, Treeline (E-zine), The Oysterboy Review, and Diverge Magazine.

1995 / 9 x 6 (tp) / 80 pp / poetry
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-37-5 / $16.95