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An Invisible Accordion: A Canadian Poetry Association Anthology
Jennifer Footman, editor

96 pp
ISBN-13 978-0-921411-38-
ISBN 0-921411-38-3

a Small Press Review January Pick (issue 276, 1996)

An Invisible Accordion has two jobs. The first is to place poetry before the reading public. Its second job is to celebrate the Canadian Poetry Association’s first ten years. In attaining these objectives we are pleased to present to you poems by some of our very early members – Milton Acorn, Susan Ioannou, Ted Plantos, and Rosemary Aubert, to mention a few – as well as poetry from some of our newest members – Linda Frank, Geoffrey St-Pierre, Gail Sidonie Sobat, and Maynard Luterman.
The result is a real harvest of poetry from all parts of our country. On display is not simply the richness of the poetry of CPA members; rather it is the richness of Canadian poetry as a whole that we celebrate within these pages.

John B. Lee, Bernadette Dyer, Hope Morritt, Kathy Fretwell, Rosemary Hollingshead, Peggy Fletcher, Gail Sidonie Sobat, Maynard Luterman, Suzanne Fitz-Andrews, Beryl Baigent, Jill Battson, Bernice Lever, Wayne Ray, Margaret Joy Borle, Mary Lou Doyon, Carla Campoli, Mary Chryssoulakis, Mary Partridge, Bob Ezergailis, Susan Ioannou, Jill Meriel Fox, Carmen Ziolkowski, Anne F. Walker, Albert W. J. Harper, Melvin Robert Appell, Rosemary Aubert, Estelle McLachlan, Heather Tisdale-Nisbet, Lini Richarda Grol, Isabel Sturgeon, Adele Kearns Thomas, Darlene Spong Henderson, Gerry Stewart, Martha Attema, Sheila Hyland, Hilton McCully, Penny L. Ferguson, Lynn Tait, p.j. flaming, Guna Ikona, Hazel Birt, Jennifer Martin, Joe Blades, Peter Baltensperger, Jeff Seffinga, Donia Blumenfeld Clenman, Geoffrey St-Pierre, Anna Plesums, Sonja Dunn, Lack Styles, J. Alvin Speers, Jack Gallach, Jay C. Hershberg, Margaret Houben, Linda Frank, Norma West Linder, James Deahl, Carol Harrington, I. B. Iskov, Ted Plantos, George Bernstein, Elizabeth St Jacques, Allan Briesmaster, Joachim K. Baum, Herb Barrett, Jennifer Footman, Michael Wurster, Winona Baker

About the Editor:
Jennifer Footman was born in Ranchi, Bihar and grew up in Edinburgh. She came to Canada in 1978 and has served as chairwoman of the Brampton Writers’ Guild. Jennifer is the author of three poetry collections: Through a Stained Glass Window (Envoi Poets) Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots (HMS Press) and St Valentine’s Day (Broken Jaw Press, 1995). Her work has appeared in periodicals and anthologies in Canada, Scotland, and the USA.

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