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St Valentine’s Day
Jennifer Footman

“a tremendous, stellar work, one envincing a fine command of the resources of the language”
—George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Mail-Star

“Canadian poet Jennifer Footman’s poem, “For John Torrington”, spoken as if by Torrington’s mother, encapsulates the horror as well as some of the alarming contradictions in the twentieth century’s view of Torrington’s picture...This poem is stunning because it presents Torrington as neither quite dead nor quite alive . . . The poem works so well because it replicates the discontinuity of time that the exhumation seems to create.”
—Sarah Moss, Scott’s Last Biscuit: The Literature of Polar Exploration 970–1970 (Oxford, UK: Signal Books, 2005)

Jennifer Footman was born in Ranchi, Bihar, India and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. She came to Canada in 1978 and has served as chairwoman of the Brampton Writers’ Guild. Footman is the author of two previous poetry collections: Through a Stained Glass Window and Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots. Her work has appeared in anthologies in Canada, Scotland, and the USA. A Past President of the Canadian Poetry Association, she is editor of An Invisible Accordion: A Canadian Poetry Association Anthology (Broken Jaw Press, 1995).

December 1995 / 9 x 6 (tp) / 104 pp / poetry
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-45-6 / $17.95