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Memories of Sandy Point, St George’s Bay, Newfoundland
(second edition)

Phyllis Pieroway from stories told by Charles Warren Pieroway

First edition: Maritimes Arts Projects Productions, ISBN 0-921411-33-2, July 1996
Revised/Second edition: Broken Jaw Press, May 2004
8.5 x 5.5 (tp) / 53 photos, illustrations, maps / 120 pp
memoir, history (BISAC: BIO000000, HIS006000)
ISBN-13 978-1-55391-029-9
ISBN 1-55391-029-X

full size book cover

“Rich in useful insights into the working life of one ordinary Canadian, this book demonstrates the need for more such accounts.”
Canadian Book Review Annual

“a captivating read, will have wide appeal to former residents of this now-abandoned settlement and will be useful for comparing its customs and folkways with other selected towns.”
— Robert C. Parsons, Newfoundland Quarterly

“Pieroway says she felt it was important to document the stories using the language her father used, his favourite expressions and the dialect of the day.
[T]he stories . . . are delightful, whether they are about his school days, his wedding day, hunding geese or smelt fishing.”
Western Star

“Physically, all that’s left of Sandy Point now is the lighthouse and some gravestones, but Phyllis Pieroway’s book will ensure that it lives on just a little bit longer.”
The Halifax Daily News

From the Foreword
Dad, always known as Charlie, was not one to tell stories. Aware of how much I didn’t know about life in and around St. George’s Bay and especially Sandy Point, had to pry details out of him about everyday life experiences. I had collected pictures from home to add to the chocolate box of treasures mother brought with us to Nova Scotia. One of Dad’s sisters, Ethel, was an avid photographer who captured images of people and places we now are thankful to have.
Dad’s memories were those of a senior, 75-plus. He looked upon everybody and everything in life experiences without criticizing or condemning. He admired the spirit and ingenuity of his fellow “sand scratchers”—they did whatever they had to do as best they knew how for all those around them.
—Phyllis Pieroway

Sandy Point, in Baie St-George had been home to thousands of industrious, hard-working people. For many years, it was the capital of the French shore (until 1905) of western Newfoundland. Sandy Point was the centre of trade from Cape Ray to Labrador. The second edition of this book contains additional photographs and new text in a new easy-to-read format.

Phyllis Pieroway was born in St. George’s, Newfoundland and lived on Sandy Point. With her parents she moved to Curling, near Corner Brook, NL, and later immigrated to Canada.
Halifax and, later, the Dartmouth-area of Nova Scotia became home. Cole Harbour and Dartmouth schools consumed her childhood years. Many summers continued to be spent in St. George’s, NL.
Photography has always been an interest of hers. A grade six graduation present of a camera set Phyllis on a visual path. A Life Member of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia, her photography has earned awards and acceptances in national and international salons. her images have been published in Photo Life and Canadian Geographic magazines, and on numerous postcards, calendars, brochures, government and travel publications. Hawkeye Island on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia is homebase for her travel, photography and writing.

A Sandy Point Map drawn by Charles Warren Pieroway is a companion poster print to this book.

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