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Song of the Vulgar Starling
Eric Miller

July 1999 / 6 x 9 / 116 pp / poetry & prose
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-93-6 (tp)

“A lively, baroque imagination and a dance-like wit run through Eric Miller’s poetry. He gives new life to several kinds of poetry, such as landscapes, historical meditations, and letter poems. As in the work of another Fredericton poet, the late A.G. Bailey, playfulness and erudition go hand in hand.”
—Brian Bartlett

“It is unusual to encounter a poet who has the courage and the intelligence to make use of all the resources of language, from deft and supple compound sentences to an expansive and challenging diction, from a scintillating metaphor to the contemplative rhythms of fine prose.”
—Ross Leckie

Song of the Vulgar Starling can be called a collection of postmodern nature writing, versatile in form and theme, ranging from the epistolary prose-poem “Bright Under Hair” to the elegiac essay “A Thousand Shapes of Death” to the award-winning epigrammatic sequence “Landscapes”. Love, sex, celebrity, terminal illness, birding, environmental activism and world history all fit under this starling’s capacious, generous wing.

Eric Miller won the 1996 Academy of American Poets Prize at the University of Virginia and an Honourable Mention in The Fiddlehead’s 1998 Erotic Writing Contest for sections of Song of the Vulgar Starling. The book’s manuscript as a whole was runner-up for the 1998 Alfred G. Bailey Prize of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick. Originally from Toronto, Eric Miller lived in Fredericton NB from 1997-99, then in Halifax NS for 1999-2000. He is currently is writing and teaching in Victoria BC. This is his stunning début collection.

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