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Nela Rio

Hugh Hazelton, translator
Túnel de proa verde / Tunnel of the Green Prow
poems by Nela Rio
translated by Hugh Hazelton

full size book cover

First edition: Dec 1998 / ISBN 0-921411-80-4

Second edition: Feb 2004 / 5.5” x 8.5” / 88 pp
poemas (BISAC: POE011000, POE012000)
edición bilingüe español to English
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-10-3 / $16.95

“Her open expression against oppression and brutality gives these poems uncommon vigour and vitality, avoiding any political demagoguery. Although they reflect the horror of humiliation, incarceration and torture, there is an omnipresent possibility of eventual self-recovery and hope for a better future.”
—Silvia Nagy-Zekmi, Villanova University, PA, USA

“The voice of Nela Rio in Tunnel of the Green Prow issues from the depth of human experience, which she captures in vivid imagery. The profound lyricism of her poetry in Spanish finds its comparable expression in the English of Hugh Hazelton. The reader is carried forward by the flow of emotion and energy in lines that touch the soul”
—Elizabeth Gamble Miller, Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, USA

“[Túnel de proa verde/Tunnel of the Green Prow] is so welcome because of its bilingual approach. I hope . . . [the] publisher realizes that this is exactly the kind of book we teachers of literature are looking for . . . Although the political message rings true and clear, the poetry is paramount.”
—Kathy Agar, Chadron State College, Chadron NE, USA

“A voice for women, compassion and human rights”
—Amnesty International USA (Fairfax County Chapter)

“There is something wonderful about these poems—intensely lyrical and tender, yet at the same time powerfully evocative of the situation of women as political prisoners whose ultimate emotional response is that of triumph over the attempt to crush the human spirit. The language has a dreamlike quality, so do not always expect it to be coherant from a waking perspective; however, it is not perversely surrealist. One is carried along by it in a manner which involves you completely in the poet’s world”
—Richard Livermore, New Hope International Review (UK)

Nela Rio’s third poetry collection, her first to be published in Canada and first to be translated and published in a bilingual edition, is Túnel de proa verde/Tunnel of the Green Prow. This poem sequence, in Spanish and English, is narrated by a fictional anonymous woman held and tortured in a clandestine cell, a woman who must compose and write poems in her head because she has nowhere else to keep anything, a woman who has the inner strength and hope to survive, to eventually seek healing after her release. This book is a cry for human rights, a cry against the abuses of power.

Nela Rio, born and raised in Argentina, and a Canadian citizen since 1977, was an Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American literature at St. Thomas University, in Fredericton NB for many years. Her other poetry books include En las noches que desvisten otras noches / During Nights that Undress other Noghts (Broken Jaw, 2003) and Aquella luz, la que estremece (Ediciones Torremozas, 1992). Her poetry and fiction has received awards in eleven international writing competitions. Her second book with Broken Jaw Press, Cuerpo amado / Beloved Body, was published in March 2002.

Hugh Hazelton, translator of Túnel de proa verde/Tunnel of the Green Prow, is also the co-editor and translator of Compañeros: An Anthology of Writings About Latin America (Cormorant) and translator of The Better to See You (Cormorant), Jade and Iron: Latin American Tales from Two Cultures (Douglas & MacIntyre) and Cuerpo amado/Beloved Body, (Broken Jaw, 2002). He teaches Spanish translation and Latin American civilization at Concordia University, Montreal. His third poetry collection is the book+CD antimatter (Broken Jaw Press, 2003).

13 Nov 2003: Conference – American Literary Translators Association, Cambridge MA, USA

13 April 2004: lecture – Nela Rio @ Gore Center, South College Av, University of Delaware, Newark DE, USA

14 April 2004: Reading/lecture – Nela Rio featuring her books Túnel de proa verde / Tunnel of the Green Prow (2nd edition) and Cuerpo amado / Beloved Body (Broken Jaw Press, 2002). Department of Modern Languages. Villanova University, Villanova, PA.

31 May 2004: reading @ Canadian Association of Hispanists (ACH), Machray Hall 419, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

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