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Strong Winds: The Second Canadian Poetry Association Anthology
Sheila Hyland, editor

Eighty-nine Contributors:
Becky Alexander, Claire Alexander, Judith Anderson Stuart, Beryl Baigent, Winona Baker, Joachim (Jack) Baum, George I. Bernstein, Joe Blades, Allan Briesmaster, Linda M. Brissett, Evelyn Broy, Mary Chryssoulakis, Barbara Coulston, Dina E. Cox, Caroline H. Davidson, James Deahl, Luci Dilkus, Sonja Dunn, Bernadette Dyer, Bob Ezergailis, Raymond Fenech, Penny L. Ferguson, Peggy Fletcher, Jennifer Footman, Linda Frank, Kathy Fretwell, Edward Gates, Ben Genereaux, Katherine L. Gordon, Lini Richarda Grol, Richard M. Grove, Albert W.J. Harper, D. Hillen, Margaret Houben, Sheila Hyland, Susan Ioannou, I.B. Iskov, L. Johnson, Ernest Kapitany, Zoë Kaszas, Adele Kearns Thomas, Kathleen Kemp Haynes, Mohammad H. Khan, Gary Kreller, Cecil Justin Lam, Carl A. Lapp, Joan Latchford, John B. Lee, Monika Lee, Bernice Lever, Melanie Lever, John Loomis, Maynard Luterman, Alice Major, Giovanni Malito, Karen Massey, A. McCormick, Hilton McCully, Joan McGuire, Estelle McLachlan, Jill Meriel Fox, Hope Morritt, Ben Murray, danieL peteR, Ted Plantos, Anna Plesums, Wayne Ray, Brian Rigg, Elizabeth Robitaille, Paul Sanderson, Margaret Saunders, Jeff Seffinga, K.V. Skene, Raymond Souster, Breda Spearing, Darlelle Spong Henderson, Gerry Stewart, Elizabeth St Jacques, Isabel Sturgeon, Lynn Tait, Stephen Threlkeld, Heather Tisdale-Nisbet, M. Mickey Turnbull, Frances Ward-Marciniak, Ida-May Wegner, Norma West Linder, Richard Woollatt, Michael Wurster, Carmen Ziolkowski.

The Canadian Poetry Association was founded in 1985 to promote all aspects of the writing, reading, publishing, purchasing, performing, and preservation of poetry in Canada. An Invisible Accordion, a poetry anthology by past and present members was published in 1995 to mark the CPA’s Tenth Anniversary. Featuring work by 89 poets, Strong Winds is the second CPA members’ anthology.

“Love poems, dream poems, designing a landscape scene poems. Poems on life, poems on death, an intense moment in one long breath – poems on all sorts of subjects. Here they are, a smorgasbord to delight. You can rage or you can laugh, you can stomp or you can clap, but read these poems.”
— Sheila Hyland, Editor

About the Editor
Sheila Hyland was the Toronto Representive of the Canadian Poetry Association 1994-1998. A Canadian citizen, originally from England, she writes poetry and prose. Her work appears regularly in Canadian and international publications, and she has published four collections of poetry including Misty Willows.

1997 / 9 x 6 (tp) / 108 pp / poetry
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-60-X / $17.95