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Praise for R.M. Vaughan’s poetry:

“... an unusual smorgasbord exposing passionate emotional and physical interactions ... If you love poetry, try it, but throw away the blindfolds you have used to guide you through the last millenium of ‘real’ poetry”

“[Vaughan’s] poems are like flares of language . . . they erupt in jagged strokes . . . sinewy and reflexive. [The poems have] a good economy and hardness.”
The James White Review

96 tears (in my jeans)
R.M. Vaughan

A longpoem in 96 sections on the life and times, the adventures and misadventures, of a pair of jeans.

1997 / 5.5 x 8.5 / 24 pp / poetry
Available in two limited editions:
• a numbered, 96-copy, paper-bound chapbook / ISBN 0-921411-65-0 (paper chapbook) / $10
• a numbered, author signed, 24-copy, denim cloth-bound edition / ISBN 0-921411-42-1 (denim-on-cardboard chapbook) / $30.00

The InCorrupt Tables
R.M. Vaughan

The InCorrupt Tables is a series of poems based upon the lives of the “incorruptable” saints – saints whose bodies were reputed, miraculously, to remain intact long after their deaths. These poems examine the human beings behind these saints, and how their lives became legend.
This is R.M. Vaughan’s first poetry collection.

Reprint of a 1993 Wild East publication (ISBN 1-895421-12-8).
1995 / 5.5 x 8.5 / 14 pp / poetry
ISBN 0-921411-44-8 / $10

R.M. Vaughan is a New Brunswick poet, playwright, novelist, artist and critic living in Toronto. He edited the Velvet Touch drama book series for Broken Jaw Press from 2000 to 2003. His books include: poetry, A Selection of Dazzling Scarves (ECW Press) and Invisible to Predators (ECW Press); drama Camera, Woman (Coach House Books, 2001); and novels, The Quilted Heart (Insomniac Press, 1998) ans Spells (ECW Press, 2003).