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Seeing The World With One Eye
Edward Gates

1998 All rights available
9 x 6, 60 pp, tpb
poetry (BISAC: POE011000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN-13 978-0-921411-69-7
ISBN 0-921411-69-3

These ghazals strike me as very strong. They are finely crafted, and I believe they are genuine and true to their author.
—Robert Gibbs

The ghazal brings disparate images together: like the lyric, it is compressed and musical. As it moves toward a unified statement about a particular experience or group of experiences related by time and subject, it becomes something else.
—Edward Gates

Edward Gates is a poet and blueberry farmer living in Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick. He is the author of four poetry collections including The Guest Touches Only Those Who Prepare (Owl’s Head Press, 1991) and There Are No Limits To How Far The Traveller Can Go (Broken Jaw Press, 1997).