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the bride of Inglish
Zaffi Gousopoulos

“Zaffi Gousopoulos is a powerful poet both on the page and in performance. Her work, influenced and inspired by the comedy and tragedy of the mythologies she was born into, echoes these paradoxes in her own words with a humour, starkness and emotional authenticity that leaves one with a recognition of truth only the best of poets have the gift to capture.”
— Mary Elizabeth Grace, author of Bootlegging Apples on the Road to Redemption (Insomniac Press)

“Gutsy, humourous, inventive, an engaging voice ...”
— Robert Priest, author of Tongue ’n’ Groove (EMI)

“Zaffi’s poetry ‘celebrates the universality of the personal quest’ one that leads to a greater sense of belonging to the multicultural tapestry of Canada.”
— Nancy Athan-Mylonas, Artistic Director, Community Theatre Nefeli

For several years, Zaffi Gousopoulos has been performing her poetry (often with musical accompaniment) in Canada and the United States. Her poem video “Bubble Gum Alley” has received play on MuchMusic. Currently active with Matriart magazine, her interests also include stand-up comedy, singing and arts management. Her publication credits include a poetry chapbook, The Playing Field (Insomniac Press) and the poetry/spoken word CD The Queen’s Incurable Inglish (Mousiké Productions, 1999) featuring 15 poems performed by Zaffi Gousopoulos with music by Andreas Andreopoulos and Paul Brundtland.
Zaffi Gousopoulos is a Greek-Canadian writer born and raised in Toronto. the bride of Inglish celebrates the author’s search for voice and poetic language, her own “Inglish” — to express the ironic, paradoxical nature of being in and from Canada — at the junction of her ethnic, national and continental heritage.

1998 / 9” x 6” / 96 pp / poetry (BISAC: POE011000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-70-7 / $17.95