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longing at least is constant
Kathryn Payne

“exuberant and exhilarating ... creme-du-chainsaw voix”
The Toronto Star

“left me dripping for more”

“I love her undeterred openness, her urban energy, her urbane imagery ...”
— George Elliott Clarke, The Sunday Herald

Kathryn Payne’s poems explore the shifting nature of desire, the abiding importance of friendships, and the overlap of affections, while contemplating self-conscious relationships and expressing queer grrl sexual agency. These poems poke at various aspects of erotic and emotional becoming. They lyricize the bitter, blissful and sleazy aspects of sexual subjectivity in postmodern urbanity while simultaneously satirizing and performing the tropes and hopes of Hollywood romance. With a fondness for women in combat boots behind the wheel and men in dresses pinned against the wall, Payne’s poems desire to disrupt traditional stories of coupling and gender. Despite the many permutations and dissapointments, longing — this volume sighs — at least, is constant.

Kathryn Payne describes herself as “a poet, teacher, journalist, contract worker, activist and part-time slut.” She is currently living in Toronto with Cherry — the cantankerous motorcycle, and a number of wilting plants. She enjoys cycling, and gender. The author of Want (above/ground press), a poetry chapbook, Longing At Least Is Constant is her first full-length poetry collection.

1998 / 9” x 6” / 61 pp / poetry, gender studies (BISAC: POE011000, SOC032000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-68-5 (tp) / $15.95