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JC & Me
a dialogue on nonjudgemental love
Ted Mouradian

“As I lay on my back, arms folded behind my head, I stare at the ceiling fan slowly turning ... I begin to think what it might be like to actually have a conversation with Christ. Would he be as I envision him? Will he be able to answer the questions that are riddling my mind? Do I have the courage to ask the questions that need to be asked? And, can I handle the answers?”

JC’s time on this planet was about love; unconditional nonjudgmental love. JC & Me is Mouradian’s interpretation of what it might be like if Jesus was here today discussing his beliefs. The book will show you how to love unconditionally. How not to judge or condemn others. How to embrace change and not to fear difference. JC & Me is also a wake-up call to all those in positions of power and knowledge. Written in a convesational style that encourages people to keep reading, this is a good book for both discussion groups and individuals.

Ted Mouradian is a motivational speaker and consultant from St Catharines, Ontario. He travels North America and beyond sharing his insights, “Best in Life” self-management and “Cooperative Action” lifeskills. He is the author of our best-selling book, Best in Life.

November 2000 / 8.5” x 5.5” / 96 pp / religion, drama (BISAC: REL070000 SEL000000, DRA)
Series: YOUR MAPP, #2
Maritimes Arts Projects Productions
ISBN 1-896647-35-9 (tp) / $15.99
BJP eBook 3, ISBN 1-896647-17-0 (PDF)