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Wharves and Breakwaters of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
written and illustrated by Sarah Petite

August 1999 / 9” x 7” trade pbk
50 illustrations incl. maps / 56 pp
imprint: Maritimes Arts Projects Productions
ISBN 1-896647-13-8,br> ISBN-13 978-1-896647-13-5

This informative book of pen-and-ink illustrations exhibits the rugged beauty of Yarmouth County’s wharves and breakwaters as seen from shore and sea, and it demonstrates the creative ingenuity of the people who work and live on Nova Scotia’s southwestern coast. The 50 black-and-white illustrations, which follow the shore as one would follow it by land or sea, are interwoven with texts on the places themselves, on wharf and breakwater construction, and on fishing boats and their gear.

Take a wander down to the wharf—don’t stay on the scenic drive . . . explore the working places closest to the sea . . . Each harbour has its own personality, its own solutions for the shape of land and sea, made with the materials at hand.
—Sarah Petite, from The Introduction

Sarah Petite lives in Fredericton, NB, and Port Maitland, NS. Petite is a graduate of King’s College and studied at NSCAD in Halifax. As an artist she has been especially successful exhibiting her encaustic paintings. Her pen-and-ink drawings have illustrated the on-line NB Information Highway, magazines including Points East (USA), Atlantic Advocate, Wild East and two books—Nelson’s Battles and A Cruising Guide to the Bay of Fundy and the St. John River (Goose Lane Editions)—both authored by her husband, Nicholas Tracy. Their boat is the Harfang. A documentary film about Sarah’s art making, Performing Waxes, has been produced by David K. Petersen.

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