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The Curse of Gutenberg
Storytelling with Dan Daniels

“Daniels explores avenues and levels beyond the written word.”
The Montreal Star

“Like most writers, Daniels has run the full gamut of odd jobs, starting as a newspaper hawker on Bleury and Ste Catherine, becoming a worker in textile and electrical factories, a freight handler in Toronto, then going to sea”
— Don Bell, The Montreal Gazette

“Dan Daniels is one of our most provocative local playwrights”
— Sydney Johnson, The Montreal Star

“Dan Daniels is a storyteller, a writer, a teacher and also the unsung hero responsible for a series of readings that prompted a literary revival”
— Linda Leith, Matrix

Dan Daniels on The Curse of Gutenberg:
“Most of the stories in The Curse of Gutenberg I’ve told to audiences aloud; that is how they came into being. I’ve been a professional storyteller since 1972, when I suddenly discovered I could get paid for doing what I’ve been doing for fun for years. The majority of these stories are fictional; a few are not, though not necessarily absolutely biographical. In between, and as commentaries, there are inserts and additions which I couldn’t resist including, just as I wasn’t able to hold them back when I was carrying on as a storyteller.”

Dan Daniels was a storyteller, playwright, actor, teacher, social activist and unsung hero active and, frequently, pivotal in Montréal’s writing community for several decades. He authored numerous books including Violence and Nonviolence in Québec (ed.), The Audition, The Inmates, Québec/Canada and the October Crisis, and Paranoia and Dirty Feet (White Dwarf Editions).

July 2000 / 6” x 9” / 152 pp / short fiction (BISAC: FIC029000, FIC016000, FIC010000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-23-5 (tp) / $20.95
BJP eBook 16, ISBN 1-896647-62-6 (PDF)