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Mary Elizabeth Grace

Mark Seabrook


Ann Shin

Crossroads Cant
Mary Elizabeth Grace, Mark Seabrook, Shafiq, Ann Shin
Edited by Joe Blades

Crossroads Cant gives voice to the diversity of whom it is we really are as Canadians. These poets and their poems create an alchemy of contemporary Canadian experience that transforms the way we look at our own place and ourselves in it ... there is something in this local that speaks to the global.”
— Paul Farley, former Executive Director
The Ireland Fund of Canada

“Mary Elizabeth Grace is one of the great Canadian artists, a rare blend of poet and performer, a gifted conjurer whose words and images possess the power and resonance of the West Wind.”
— Susan Serran, Theatre Passe Muraille

“‘All my relations’, an ancient invocation and recognition of the fact that everything that has ever come and gone or will ever be is all around us and affects us profoundly ... is reflected beautifully in the imagery of Mark Seabrook.”
— Joel Maki, editor of Steal My Rage

“Shafiq will make your head spin ...”
— Wodek Szemberg, TV producer

“Lyrical, industrial, and definitely urban, Ann Shin’s sound poems shake you awake to a new sensibility in this country.”
— CBC Radio

Crossroads Cant Collective revels in the passion for voice. Bringing together spoken word and song word in their art, they use words and rhythm to grasp the yearnings and conflicts in identity and language. As Canadian performance poets, they are influenced by the traditions, sounds and images of the oral cultures they have inherited — from Ireland, the Ojibway Nation, Dominica and Korea. Their passion is to explore the yearnings and conflicts of identity — in search of the authentic self. In the voices of these poets comes a crossroad of word, music and cultures.

Crossroads Cant Collective performed at Mariposa Folk Festival, The Stratford Festival, and Montreal’s Tongue-Tied Festival. The individual members perform their poetry, music and theatre across Canada and beyond, and have published their poetry in a wide range of periodicals, anthologies, solo books, CDs, videos and films.

• Mary Elizabeth Grace’s book and CD Bootlegging Apples on the Road to Redemption (Insomniac Press), is influenced by Celtic oral traditions
Mark Seabrook, a self-described Ojibway “modern day powboy,” is a poet, playwright, and singer with the music group No Reservations
• Shafiq’s Dominican-influenced poetry, solo, or with the band Project Nine, is electrifying on stage
• Ann Shin’s multimedia work around cultural issues has been performed in Quebec and Ontario and on CBC radio

December 1997 / 9” x 6” / 88 pp / poetry (BISAC: POE011000, POE010000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-48-0 (tp) / $16.95