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Avoidance Tactics
Sky Gilbert

A collection of three recent plays by Sky Gilbert — writer, director, actor, filmmaker and drag queen extraordinaire — one of North America’s most controversial artistic forces.
Two of the plays, “Schubert Lied” and “Independence,” are unauthorized biographies of famous queers.
“Schubert Lied” tells the long-supressed story of Schubert’s gay romances and his battle with syphilis. It also deals with the burning question — which is more important, life or art? “Independence” drops American playwright William Inge into the centre of his own plays “Bus Stop” and “Picnic.” Only this time, his plays are gay.
The third selection, “The Birth of Casper G. Schmidt,” is an hysterical AIDS-dissident comedy. Howard, an old-fashioned, effeminate, flaming fag (and obsessive-compulsive), lives upstairs from mild-mannered straights John and Mandy. John is bisexual and Mandy knows it, but when Mandy gets pregnant, there are more complications. It’s dangerous, scary and riotously funny all at the same time.
“The Birth of Casper G. Schmidt” was a hit at the Edmonton Comedy Festival and Calgary’s High Performance Rodeo. “Schubert Lied” was nominated for three Dora Mavor Moore Awards in Toronto (including Best Play).
The “Introduction” to Avoidance Tactics is written by David Bateman, a queer performance artist and critic living in Calgary, Alberta.

“The truth is, Sky Gilbert has more theatrical flair in his little finger than anybody else in the Toronto scene.”
The Globe and Mail

“A contemporary Frank O’Hara.”
Books in Canada

“Gilbert is a world-class rambler ... nothing but entertaining.” 
The Toronto Star

“I love Gilbert’s in-your-face lyricism and surrealist imagery”
Ottawa Xpress

“Canada’s bad-boy playwright”
National Post

Sky Gilbert’s previous books include: five play or play collections — including This Unknown Flesh (Coach House Press), The Dessing Gown (Playwrights Canada); poetry — Digressions of a Naked Party Girl (ECW); novels — Guilty (Insomniac), St. Steven’s (Insomniac); and a theatre memoir — Ejaculations from the Charm Factory (ECW). Gilbert has won two Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

Feb 2001 / 8.5” x 5.5” / 3 b&w photos + 3 b&w illustrations / 112 pp / drama (BISAC: DRA013000, BIO007000, BIO004000)
series: Velvet Touch, 2
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-50-2 (tp) / $18.95
BJP eBook 23, ISBN 1-896647-51-0 (PDF)