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Mentor’s Canon: poems about / for / after writers
Kemeny Babineau, Editor

Contributing poets:
Steve Vernon • George Bowering • Bernice Lever • D.G. Jones • Don Summerhayes • Jeff Seffinga • Harold Rhenisch • Jeremy Whitehorn • Gordon Michael Allen • Gary Barwin • Seymour Mayne • John B. Lee • Stan Rogal • Penn Kemp • Winona Baker • George Amabile • Brenda Spearing • Susan McMaster • Ted Plantos • Jennifer Footman • Alison Hancock • Joanne Stryker • Richard Grove • Gail Johnston • Pricila Uppal • rob mclennan • John Barlow • derek beaulieu • bill bissett • Joe Blades • Tanis MacDonald • Renee Norman • Chad Norman • Heather Pyrcz • Alan Weatherley • Leanne Smith • Lea Harper • Kelly Cooper • Lisa Cavion • Sheila Hyland • Bernadette Dyer • Michel von Dreger • Elana Wolff • Gary J. Langguth • Tom Schmidt

Mentoring, the sacred right of all trades, is a continuous process for to any serious artist. The demands of creativity make it necessary to remain an apprentice of sorts for life. It is through ones’ poetic mentors that one learns the craft of voice.
The works included are examples of different stages of the mentoring journey as well as being examples of the different forms this journey can take. Reading this anthology, a young poet may be left feeling more assured, after recognizing that the process of mentoring is continuous and typical for all that strive to speak poetically. Senior poets, while enjoying poems written to and for their mentors and peers and perhaps even themselves, may well recognize similarities to their own early achievements.
—Kemeny Babineau, from the Introduction

Kemeny Babineau, the editor, lives in Mt. Pleasant, Ontario. He has previously published several poetry chapbooks.

November 2001 / 9 x 6 / 112 pp
poetry (BISAC: POE010000, POE011000)
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-46-4 / $17.95
BJP eBook 25, ISBN 1-896647-47-2 (PDF)