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Bathory, a play
Moynan King

A darkly comic portrayal of the life and crimes of the 17th Century’s infamous “Blood Countess,” Erzsébet Báthory (Elizabeth Bathory) of Hungary. King’s hit play blends gothic wonder with black humour while exposing contemporary obsessions with power, female sexuality, and the lure of magic.
Bathory was both applauded and reviled for laying bare the truth of female violence. Then there’s the play’s romantic core — a beautifully-constructed lesbian love triangle. Bathory, like it’s protagonist, takes no prisoners.

“intelligent, inquisitive ... imaginative and focused ... Raw material doesn’t get much juicier than Elizabeth Bathory”
Now Magazine

“[Bathory] dips into the well of human darkness”
Theatre Week (New York)

“a surprisingly contemporary piece that looks at a society which refuses women not only the right to certain strengths, but also to certain trespasses”
Plays International (London)

“a hard examination of female violence”
The Globe and Mail

“An intriguing black comedy of gothic repression and female violence.”
New Hope International Review (UK)

Moynan King is a Toronto-based actor, writer and director originally from East Farnham, Quebec. Her plays have been published in Fireweed and the Rhubarborama! (Blizzard) anthology

2 acts / 4 females
September 2000 / 8.5” x 5.5” / 80 pp / drama (BISAC: DRA013000)
series: Velvet Touch 1
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-896647-36-7 (tp), $16.95
BJP eBook 7, ISBN 1-896647-37-5 (PDF)

Course adoption
University of Guelph, Spring 2005