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“Never Give Up!” The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor
Julie Comeau

9" x 6", tpb, 112 pp
ISBN 978-1-55391-110-5, $20 CDN, $21 USD

October 2012
9” x 6” tpb, 111 pp
ISBN 978-1-55391-113-5, $20 CDN, $21 USA
Author shares story in hopes of helping others.
—Lori Gallagher, The Daily Gleaner

My book is my lifestory about my medical journey and all the amazing people that I met along the way. We all have a story, we all face obstacles, struggles and challenges along our life journeys.
—Julie Comeau

What begins as occasional postings on Facebook by Julie that describe her early childhood trauma, and then her incredible medical nightmare, soon becomes a spiritual rebirth for Julie and the thousands who have joined her on her journey to recovery. Her inspiration is contagious. It resonates with people around the world. From everyday people to the rich and famous, all want to share Julie’s message, to watch her videos on YouTube, and to tell their own stories of personal turmoil.

“Never Give Up!” is about overcoming the many curve balls life can throw at you. It is the story of one woman’s perseverance to keep pushing ahead amidst a firestorm of adversity, illness, and bad luck. It is part autobiographical, part motivational and inspirational, and it is a testament to the human spirit.

In working on her book, Julie and her husband Vince were a team. They were a couple rich in love. They knew that writing and publishing a book could be long and daunting. They supported each other in their belief that one day this book would come together. Sadly, Vince Comeau passed away two months before Julie’s book could be published. She promised Vince that her journey will continue in his name.

Here is Julie’s book!

Julie Comeau lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her two sons.

Launch: 13 Oct. 2012 @ Reality Rescue III, Glen Allen, VA.

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