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What Morning Illuminates
by Suzanne Hancock

What Morning Illuminates is a whole world within a small, sure space. Suzanne Hancock writes to the dead and the living, of family and friends and lovers, of the immense map of the heart that seems, through poetry, close and compact enough to hold in our hands. These poems are both delicate and strong; they offer us perceptions that resonate far beyond their borders”
– Janice Kulyk Keefer

What Morning Illuminates is a quiet exploration of moments. Moments spoken about and passed down, curled around branches and hidden behind windows. It is a collection about loss, memory and reverence for sorrow and joy. The poems are little stories that speak to each other. They are attempts to put into language parts of myself and the things that surround me”
– Suzanne Hancock

Raised in Vancouver, Suzanne Hancock now makes Guelph, Ontario her home. She has been writing extensively for the past few years focusing primarily on poetry. Her work has appeared in a number of publications including The Harpweaver, Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature and Dig. She has self-published a small collection, The Parting of Lips, and is currently working on a new poem series inspired by photographs.

poetry / 32 pages / August 1999
SpareTime Editions
ISBN 1-896647-18-9 / $10