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Spit on Wishes, (2nd edition)
Lorne Dufour
Sept 2012
118 pp
9" x 6" tpb
5 b&w photos by Martin Hunt
Cover photo & inset design by Martin Hunt 1983.
ISBN 978-1-55391-071-8, $20

These are not poems about the bush. They are poems about people coming to terms with the limits of their knowledge and reaffirming their reliance on each other, in the face of dehumanizing institutions and a powerful and mysterious world.
—Harold Rhenisch

The poet writes about the things he knows and understands so well … successful. For an English reader this is a collection with an interesting difference.
New Hope International Review (UK)

Deeply moving poems about the connection between human and animal life. The poetic craft is unassuming but sound.
—Alice Major

Lorne Dufour supports his family near McLesse Lake in the British Columbia Interior by horse logging a woodlot. This poetry collection, Spit on Wishes, was originally community-published in Salmon Arm, BC, in 1983. Dufour’s book Starting from Promise (Broken Jaw Press), edited by Harold Rhenisch, won the Poet’s Corner Award 2001. He is also the author of Jacob’s Prayer.

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