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re:myth, Stories and Poems by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang
Joe Blades & Biff Mitchell, editors

2 Sept 2010, 5.5” x 7”, 55 pp
Short fiction & poetry
ISBN 978-1-55391-094-7 (print), $15
ISBN 978-1-55391-097-8 (PDF) BJP eBook 52

The writings in re:myth are the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang’s poetic hogrider musings for a collaborative art making and exhibition project with Fredericton, NB’s Emerge Artist Collective. The tarmac bums volunteered to write and hand over their speculative–creative writings on mythologies of/in the 21st century to anonymously inspire an artwork by a member of Emerge.

The BlackTop MotorCycle Gang is a Fredericton, NB-based collective of eclectic writers spread from coast to coast in Canada who stage spontaneous “reading raids” in various unannounced locations but whom are also frequently invited to appear at special events (usually) of a literary nature. Having successfully raided an issue of Nonymous magazine, this is the notorious BlackToppers’ first book.

The re:myth exhibition by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang and the Emerge Artist Collective, for which these pieces were written, opened 2 September 2010 in the 1922 Gallery of Gallery ConneXion, 440 York Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick,

re:myth heads out on the highway to the City of Saint John Galley, Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Av, Saint John, NB, with an opening and “reading raid” on 28 January 2011.

Andrea Crabbe • The Gods Are Lost
Andrew Titus • MyKindOfBuddism • Two minute Buddha
Beth Powning • The Gods of Allera
Dennis Poirier • The story of Adam Poirier
Jo-Anne Elder • Icarus’ Wife
Jo Griffith • Hey, bisclavret • Wolfman
Kari Haines • Psyche’s Trial
Tairie Richards • July runs in memories blood/Mythic love
Vivan Unger • Baubo’s Audition
Andrea Kikuchi • The time of the greatest quiet • Lisa
Biff Mitchell • I, the Brandymark
Hazel Richardson • Intercepted encrypted email
Joe Blades • “the writer writhing ...” • shoppin’ carts are go(ne)
Josiah Taylor • Into Consuming
Leanne Ayer • Does God have a Twitter account?
Todd R. Snow • I, Burger • The Confession
Yolande House • Ageless

the mythmakers:

Leanne Ayer dabbles in fiction while drudging her way through a day job until she can return home to her trusty laptop and her perhaps not-so-trustworthy but oh-so-adorable cat, Knuckles. An online community of intercontinental pirate wenches helps give her the confidence and inspiration to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful writer.

Joe Blades lives in Fredericton, NB. On the editorial board of revue ellipse mag, he is publisher of 25-year-old Broken Jaw Press, and author of seven poetry books, including Prison Songs and Storefront Poetry (Ekstasis).

Andrea Crabbe is a Halifax-based artist, painting instructor, and librarian-in-training completing a Master of Library and Information Science at Dalhousie University. Andrea holds a BFA from NSCAD University, and a Diploma in Fine Craft: Photography, from NBCCD in Fredericton.

Jo-Anne Elder’s collection of flash fiction, Postcards from Ex-Lovers (Broken Jaw Press), won WFNB’s David Adams Richards Prize. She has translated 20 literary works from French to English, including Beatitudes (Herménégilde Chiasson’s Béatitudes) and One (Serge Patrice Thibodeau’s Seul on est). Director of ellipse, a magazine of writing in translation, she organizes a festival of literary translation. Jo-Anne and her husband, Aboriginal artist Carlos Gomes, live with their large family in Fredericton, NB.

Jo Griffith is a writer, poet, artist, mixed media, legal scholar, friend, sister, aunt, news junkie, feminist, criminologist, often armchair (traveller), coffee-drinker, Facebook avoider, folk song listener, avid reader, brunette, philosopher, prairie “girl”, human rights advocate, admirer of red, and believer in peace. In her day job, she teaches Criminology and Criminal Justice at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB.

Kari Lynne Haines is the stay-at-home-mom of Luc and Carmel Losier in her great grandfather’s house in Northside Fredericton along the mighty Saint John River. Writing as Rowan Moon her fanfiction story, “Broken Doll”, on the and websites, has been nominated for awards within the Twilight fanfiction community.

Yolande House works at UNB Fredericton and holds a master’s in history from Queen’s University. Her poetry has appeared in Breadcrumb Scabs and Nonymous. A short memoir, “Learning to Leave,” appeared in the anthology Double Lives, Reinvention & Those We Leave Behind (Wising Up Press). She organizes writing workshops and events and, every November, leads the Fredericton contingent of National Novel Writing Month.

Andrea Kikuchi was born and brought up in Hampton, NB. She has taught English in Japan. Her creative non-fiction Japan and the Police was published on the Tokyo Notice Board. In 2006, she moved to Prague to earn a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently finishing her first novel, “Heaven’s Joke”, Andrea lives in Saint John, NB with her husband and two children while teaching English at UNB. Biff Mitchell lives in a dark place where the only light is the worlds he creates. Born in Toronto, he arrived in Fredericton via Winnipeg and Germany. He finds great joy in teaching his Writing Hurts like Hell workshops through UNB’s College of Extended Learning. Biff is a “coffee shop writer”, having written two novels, dozens of short stories, a book on eMarketing and several not-poems at the Second Cup in Fredericton.

Dennis Poirier is a writer, actor and raconteur in Fredericton, NB. He was a columnist writer for Here magazine in 2004–2006. Crossing mediums in film, video streaming, freelance writing, art, sculpting and painting, his ten-minute play The Peanut Butter Formula, was staged by Notable Acts 2010 in downtown Fredericton.

Beth Powning has lived in the hills of New Brunswick since 1972. Wearing a black top, she rides a sleek grey bicycle. Beth is the author of The Sea Captain’s Wife (Random House). Her previous publications include Edge Seasons, Shadow Child, and Seeds of Another Summer.

Hazel Richardson has worked as a geneticist, editor, science journalist, and teacher. She moved to Fredericton from the UK seven years ago. Her books, which include How to Build a Time Machine and How to Clone a Sheep, have been published in over 20 countries worldwide.

Todd R. Snow lives and writes in Fredericton when he’s not otherwise occupied. He enjoys flinging himself around on his mountain bike, and doing his part to save the environment and promote science literacy. His writing forays have taken him into science fiction, fantasy, near-future speculative fiction, cyberpunk, postcard fiction, poetry, and humour. He is building a hovel on the web at

Josiah Taylor is a Master’s candidate and researcher in Education at UNB. He spends his time mostly in New Brunswick and Maine. While doing academic research in language, culture and environmental usage, he keeps his hands dirty growing herbs and vegetables, and exploring the woods.

Medic Tairie has been writing poetry and short stories for several years. A graphic designer with a year of animation and fine arts, her biggest project is a graphic novel, titled “Dead Medic”, which she will be writing, drawing, and colouring herself—hopefully to be completed late 2011.

Andrew Titus was born, raised, and trained for patterned recognition in the fine martial art of semiotics in the St. John River Valley. He plays bass with flurry and pinache; teaches his three kids with love, respect, and admiration for all things beautiful and full of spirit; and, as a punk rocker zen buddhist, stands in front of classes at St. Thomas University where he hopes for divine inspiration daily.

Vivian Unger lived most of her life in Montreal, where she earned a BA in Classics and Computer Science from McGill. She moved to Fredericton with her common-law husband in 2005. Her work has appeared in e-zines and the anthology Twisted Tails V.

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