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William Forrestall: Objects for Study
Drawings, paintings, & meditations by William Forrestall.
Essays by Virgil Hammock, Leopold C.J. Kowolik, and William Forrestall.
Foreword by RM Vaughan

May 2011
Art + prose
38+ b&w illustrations and photos
10 colour art plates
8.5” x 11” tpb, 147 pp
ISBN 978-1-55391-068-8, $36

Forrestall understands his “objects for study” as still life pieces come literally—powerfully—from the grave itself. It is wonderful that Broken Jaw Press has given Forrestall such a loving presentation.
–George Elliott Clarke, The Nova Scotian/Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Looking at William Forrestall’s ink drawings of ancient pottery, we must consider that only somebody truly in love would give chase to objects so apparently (I stress apparently) uninviting.
—RM Vaughan, from the Foreword

“Forrestall’s intricate still lifes sparkle and hum like crystal … Fredericton-based painter William Forrestall is another quiet marvel … a unique collection of still life paintings … capturing not one perfect instant but thousands …”
National Post

“William Forrestall is one of the best (and most underrated) realist painters in the region.”
Saint John Times Globe

“… some of the most interesting, painterly work in Canadian contemporary art … teaches us to look at still life in an entirely new light.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“William Forrestall, has his own special place as a ‘spiritualist’ (even a visionary) among the Magic Realists.”
Arts Atlantic

“Forrestall … paints with an assurance and confidence that is sometimes absent in much older and more established artists.”
Arts Atlantic

“… one of the most consistent and recognizable bodies of work of any artist … once seen these enigmatic works aren't soon forgotten.”
The Daily Gleaner

William Forrestall’s work has been described as “masterful”, “genius" even “spiritual”. His paintings have long offered a quiet reflective aesthetic in an often busy and chaotic world.

Objects for Study explores William Forrestall’s ongoing interest in using ancient grave offerings as subject matter for his unique still life paintings. Offering reproductions of both drawings done on location at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford and the British Museum in London, as well as a number of completed studio paintings based on his drawings.

Objects for Study allows a singular insight into the creative process of the artists quest to—capture—explore—the timeless qualities of still life painting.

William Forrestall is an artist living in Fredericton, NB. He has been exhibiting his egg tempera paintings and prints across Canada and occasionally abroad for several decades as well as being active in the numerous arts and community organizations. He also teaches in the fine arts program at St Thomas University.

15 July to 10 Aug. Exhibitions by William Forrestall and Herménégilde Chiasson. Oening Reception: Friday, 15 July, 5-7pm. Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, 139 Water Street, St. Andrews, NB E5B 1A7 | Ph: 506-529-3386.

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