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The York County Jail: A Brief Illustrated History
by George MacBeath & Emelie Hubert
Sept. 2008
6 x 9, perfect bound tpb
72 pg
40+ b&w Illustrations and photographs
ISBN 978-1-55391-065-7
$18 CDN, $20 US

“[A] friendly combination of anecdote and academia. The writing is crisp and clean with plenty of visual elements—photos, illustrations and official documents. Intriguing scraps of human interest stories are peppered throughout.”
     —Mireille Eagan, [here] fredericton review, 23 Oct 2008

Before this book, surprisingly little had been written about the checkered past of the York County Jail that has stood at 668 Brunswick Street, Fredericton, NB for more than 160 years.

This generously illustrated book will shed light on events that led to the decision to build the jail; on its occupants—both the prisoners (including Henry More Smith—The Lunar Rogue, George and Rufus Hamilton, and Allan Legere) and their guards; on crime and punishment in this corner of New Brunswick; and on the former jail’s present occupant, Science East, with its interactive science exhibits and dungeon museum.

George MacBeath, a true son of the province, lives in Fredericton, NB. An avid historian, he is a former curator and director of the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John. Later, he oversaw the creation of Kings Landing Historic Settlement and the Village Acadien. A member of the Order of Canada, he is the author of several books including Great Maritime Achievers In Science and Technology and Old Government House.

Emelie Hubert was born in Fredericton, NB, and was raised in the remote interior of Northern Quebec by an erudite father who taught her to read at four and a mother who left her to read or run free with her brothers as she chose. Ms. Hubert has spent her life reading, researching, writing and editing major projects in the arts, material culture and history on the one hand; and on the other hand, in natural resources, particularly the forest industry, and the present relationship Aboriginal peoples have with such resources. Ms. Hubert returned to New Brunswick as an adult and seems to have settled in Fredericton with an extensive library and a facility for languages, and a penchant for the canoe and rough travel to isolated places. The York County Jail is her first book

6 Nov, Thursday, 7:30 pm: book launch for The York County Jail: A Brief Illustrated History, by George MacBeath and Emelie Hubert, by the authors at Science Centre (in the former jail), 668 Brunswick St, Fredericton, NB. Starting at 7:30 pm people can have a tour of the building and dungeon museum.

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