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River Suite
poems by Joe Blades

“Sifts through the devastation of cultural values in a playful and skilfully inventive four-part movement containing much to admire . . . readers will find themselves wholly immersed in River Suite’s ‘shattered world’.”
—Judith Fitzgerald, The Toronto Star

“I’d give River Suite the proverbial two thumbs up . . . marks the continued maturation of an up-and-coming force in contemporary Canadian poetry.”
Broken Pencil

“Fredericton’s avant-garde poet and the region’s most daring published.”
—George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Sunday Herald

Previous praise for Joe Blades’ poetry
“Blades is one of the few poets writing in Canada today whose work will last and say something to generations to come. He creates strong magic and what should poetry be but strong magic?”

“His poetry demands flexibility: his images change quickly, swirl into rays of light, spin on top of water. His keen eye for detail takes readers with him on his journey . . .”
Prairie Fire

“Clever and original, Blades conveys his concept with humour.”
—Shaunt Basmajian, Cross-Canada Writers’ Magazine

“Carefully crafted and evocative poems.”
—Frank Ledwell, Atlantic Provinces Book Review

In River Suite, Blades’ meditations on the natural world around him—from summer lightening, or the salt smell of a tidal basin—are counterpointed by a rich interior life. Blades writes passionately about the act of writing and the creation of poems. The results are poems of substantial beauty and craft by a poet’s poet.

Joe Blades is a writer, artist, editor and publisher. The author of a score of poetry chapbooks and several poetry collections, Cover Makes a Set (London ON: SpareTime Editions, 1990), River Suite (Toronto: Insomniac Press, 1998 & BJP eBooks, 2000), Open Road West (Fredericton NB: Broken Jaw & BJP eBooks, 2000), and casemate poems (Waterloo ON: Widows and Orphans, 2004). Blades has been actively writing, performing and publishing since 1980. Since 1995, he has been the producer/host of Ashes, Paper & Beans: Poetry & Art Show at CHSR 97•9 FM. Blades is the editor of and nine books including, Great Lakes Logia (Broken Jaw Press & BJP eBooks, 2001), Jive Talk: George Fetherling in Interviews & Documents (Broken Jaw & BJP eBooks, 2001), Crossroads Cant (Broken Jaw, 1998), and the reference guide, In the Dark—Poets & Publishing (Broken Jaw, 1997).

Sept. 1998 / 5.25” x 8.25” / 108 pp / poetry
Insomniac Press
ISBN 1-895837-46-4 (tp) / $11.99
BJP eBook 1, ISBN 1-896647-14-6 (PDF)

Serbian rights: Studentski kulturni centar Niš (SKC), Niš, Serbia & Montenegro:. Recna svita (River Suite) in Friends of Serbia: Three Canadian Poets [working title]. Aleksandar Blagojević and Vesna Lopičić, translators, introduction by Vesna Lopičić, forthcoming October 2005.

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© copyright Joe Blades/Broken Jaw Press Inc. 1999.