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UGLY: an instant spoken word chapbook anthology
Joe Blades, editor

Release: April 2007
All rights available
Poetry, spoken word arts
40 pp, 5.5 x 8.5, saddle-wire paperback
ISBN 978-1-55391-063-3

"So much spoken word gets lost through a lack of permanent record, with readings becoming temporal events; if you weren’t there, you completely missed it, so any record of who did what and where becomes essential for the writing . . ."—rob mclennan's blog

from the back cover:

What is spoken word?

Is it an art form, or forum, or arts practice? Where is spoken word art situated on the spectrum of literary and performing arts?

Perhaps, it’s something like trying to pin down wind. One can see the effects of wind from sculpted snow and sand dunes to toppled trees and goosebumps on yours arms.

One artist will be a storyteller unaccompanied, or with a deerhide drum. Another performs with a turntableist spinning and scratching vinyl platters to build their soundscape. Yet another appears in costume, in character, similar to an actor delivering a monologue on stage. The next performs with the reggæ-stylin’s of live musicians . . . or elements of stand-up comedy, a crew of graffiti artists, soapbox evangelism, street theatre, guerrilla art, a multichannel universe . . .

Inside this paper packet of carbon-based powders, fused with the energy or channelled heat of the sun, are pieces by spoken word artists gathered in Banff, Alberta, in April 2007, before the second gathering of [SWAN] Spoken Word Arts Network.

—Joe Blades, editor

The UGLY chapbook anthology features spoken word texts—prose, poetry and visuals—in English, Cree and French—by Andrea Thompson, Billeh Nickerson, cheryl l'hirondelle, D. Kimm, Drek Daa, Dwayne Morgan, Fortner Anderson, Hilary, Ian Ferrier, Ivan E. Coyote, Kevin Matthews, Joe Blades, Klyde Broox, R.C. Weslowski, Sean McGarragle, Sheri-D Wilson and Cowan.

UGLY is a limited-edition (first printing 100 copies), 40 page, saddle-stapled, digitally-printed chapbook with tan end-papers and a full-colour cover. Copies available directly from the publisher, Broken Jaw Press Inc., Box 596 Stn A, Fredericton NB E3B 5A6.

Launch: 18 April 2007, 3rd Floor Writers' Lounge, The Banff Centre, Banff, AB.

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© copyright Joe Blades/Broken Jaw Press Inc. 2007.