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Heart’s Cupboard
by Edward Gates

Release: Sept. 2006
All rights available
Poetry (BISAC POE011000)
61 pp, 5.5 x 7, trade paperback
co-published by BS Poetry Society
ISBN-13 978-1-55391-051-0
ISBN 1-55391-051-6

Winner of the Poets’ Corner Award 2006!

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• author readings Sussex, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Halifax . . .

The pieces grasp at but elude description . . . there is a gentle, wild beauty here.
—Erin Mouré

In Heart’s Cupboard, Edward Gates deepens the method of John Thompson’s ghazals to chronicle the tensions and rewards of a contemporary life lived close to the earth. These poems are full of the difficulty of intransigent machines and hearts in a harsh northern climate.
—Thomas R. Smith, author of Horse of Earth

A humble poet, speaking in straight-forward terms about his life as a blueberry farmer, the simplicity of the beauty of nature . . .very refreshing . . .
—Kimberly Gautreau, NB Ink

The poet’s experience makes these poems vibrant and interesting. Each word is weighed for effectiveness; each poem, short, concise and to the point; each line light and compact. The ghazal form provides a foundation for these poems to expand and build on.

Edward Gates is a poet and blueberry farmer living in Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick with his wife and three children. He has won several poetry competitions including the WFNB Poetry Pize, the Alfred G. Bailey Prize and Poets’ Corner Award. Formerly a teacher in northern Saskatchewan, Gates specializes in writing variations on the ghazal form so favoured by the late John Thompson. Gates is the author of four previous poetry collections, two chapbooks and two books—The Guest Touches Only Those Who Prepare and Seeing the World with One Eye (Broken Jaw, 1997).


when the guest leaves there
is never enough light left

my cup runneth overthe harvest returns
old leaves swirl new life into the ground

desire holds and the cluster of bees
follows the honey stored in the hive

be patient sistersit took
fourteen years to cure this wine

the final solutionthe cutting of old
tiesa dry spring for a heavy load

Author activities:
• 24 Sept 2006: The Word on the Street, Halifax, NS.
• 18 January 2007, Thursday, 8 pm: Attic Owl salon, 115 Queen Street, Moncton, NB
• April 2007, WFNB @ Frye Fest, Moncton, NB

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