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Railway Station
karl wendt

“Insightful. Poignant ... karl’s been on the Haifax poetry scene for quite a while ... he display’s his seasoned poetic acumen with enough grace and form to challenge any contemporary Can. Lit. icon. Much of his material has a real zen feel to it, but surprisingly it avoids cliché ... If mr. wendt has been overlooked for poetic promotion in the past, I would saw that it is time for him to move to the head to the class.”
The Coast

“Short poems, long on meaning. [A]n amazing ability to say much in very few words ...”
– Shari Andrews, Wild East

karl wendt’s poems have been appearing in magazines and anthologies for several decades. He is the author of a handful of chapbooks and the 1989 poetry collection, Chaste Wood, also published by Broken Jaw Press.

poetry / 5.5" x 8.5" trade paper / 64 pages/ August 1999
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 0-921411-82-0 / $15.95
BJP eBook 11. ISBN 1-896647-57-X (PDF)