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photo by Steve McCormack

Funambule / Tightrope
by Pauline Michel
Tanslation from the French by Nigel Spencer
Preface by Jo-Anne Elder
Introduction par Pauline Michel

May 2006
Poetry (BISAC: POE011000
72 pp, 5.5" x 7"
Broken Jaw Press
ISBN 1-978-1-55391-044-2 $16

• select media/review copy mailout
• author appearances—including at the League of Canadian Poets' PoetryFest, Ottawa, June; and Edmonton Poetry Festival, 18-24 Sept 2006.

“In Funambule / Tightrope, Canada’s second Parliamentary Poet Laureate, Pauline Michel describes the juggling act of an artist who has become a public figure. In this collection of poems written for and about occasions of national significance, Michel pays tribute to the land and the people who have helped build the past and present with their hands, minds and hearts.”
—Jo-Anne Elder, from the Preface

Funambule / Tightrope is a bilingual collection of new poems appearing for the first time in book form in French or English.

“Pauline Michel expresses, in very modern writing containing a rare poetic intensity, the anxiety of living in today’s world.”
—Marie-Claire Blais

“The private world of poetry, the public world of acting, all is a means to convey the word. A word that is intense, visionary, but above all communicative. Pauline is to the word what a source is to water.”
—Sophie Gironnay, Châtelaine

“Michel, to our everlasting gratitude, is now teaching us all, through her novels, her poems, her children’s stories and her plays. She embodies the essence of artistic endeavour and achievement, and I welcome her appointment.”
—Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons, Ottawa

Pauline Michel is an author, playwright, actress, singer, teacher and the Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada. Michel received a Bachelor of Education degree from Université de Sherbrooke, a teacher’s certificate from the École normale Marguerite Bourgeois, and a licence ès lettres modernes from Université Laval. Michel was one of the originators of the television series La Maison de Ouimzie. She has written scripts for broadcasts by Radio-Canada, Télé-Métropole, TV Ontario and Télé-Québec. She has been a lyricist for the young people’s series Hello Moineau, which was broadcast in Québec, France, Switzerland and North Africa. Michel has published a number of books, including the novels Les yeux d’eau, Mirage, poetry L’oeil sauvage; a philosophical allegory Le papillon de Vénus; songbooks Hello Moineau, Voyez comme ils s’aiment, Le tour du monde and children’s tales, including one for the series Passe-Partout. Her many performances of poems and songs, especially in France, garnered her laudatory reviews and recognition. Oral poetry has become an important part of her life.
Is that you, Vincent?, a translation by Jonathan Kaplansky of the first chapter of her novel Les yeux d’eau, was published by Broken Jaw's SpareTime Editions in 2005.

About the Translator
Nigel Spencer, living in Montreal, Québec was raised in London, England and in Montréal. He has also lived in Toronto and in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. His previous work includes teaching; educational research and training; journalism; literary, technical and diplomatic translation; subtitling and co-scripting for two award-winning films, including The Other Side of Mont Royal, a film about early A-bomb research in Montréal. He is also a theatre publicist, organizer of festivals and conferences, researcher, editor, writer, director and actor. He is a co-founder of Matrix magazine and Toronto's Summer Centre Theatre, and has published numerous articles and translations on politics, literature and drama, as well as books of plays and fiction by Marie-Claire Blais and songs by Pauline Michel. In 2002, he was awarded the Governor General's Literary Award for Translation for Thunder and Light, his translation of the second volume in Marie-Claire Blais' novel trilogy Soifs.

Author activitvies:
• 8-11 June, 2006, PoetyFest '06, League of Canadian Poets, Ottawa
• June 9, 1:30-3 PM: Panel discussion, "Life Under • A Laureate's Wreath" with Pauline Michel, Louise B. Halfe, Lorri Nielson Glenn and Alice Major.
• 10 June, 5 pm: Pauline Michel presents the Margaret Atwood Lecture, and gala
• (date TBA) Sept: book launch at the Library of Parliament, Ottawa, ON
• 18-24 Sept 2006, Edmonton Poetry Week
• 19 Sept, Tues, 10 AM: brief read to City Council, as part of the declaration of Poetry Week.
• 19 Sept, Tues 5-7 PM: Reception, Cite Francophone, hosted by Faculte St Jean
• 20 Sept, Wed, afternoon: "the relation of poet and public" Poet Laureates panel discussion by Pauline Michel (Parliament, Ottawa), Lorrie Neilsen Glenn (Halifax); Dolores Kendrick (Washington, DC) and Alice Major (Edmonton). @ the University of Alberta.
• 20 Sept, Wed., evening: A public reading by the laureates, and celebration of new books by local members of the League of Canadian Poets
• 21 Sept, Thur, Poetry Day at Victoria School for the Arts featuring, 10:30-11:30 AM, Pauline in the Eva O. Howard Theatre reading + Q&A videoconferenced with poet Mary Dalton @ Roncalli High School, Avondale, Newfoundland.
• Random Acts of Poetry, Montreal, QC, 2-8 October 2006
• (date TBA) Oct 2006: book launch in Montréal, QC

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