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Notas viajeras: Escritura de viajes y testimonio. Andrés Arteaga, David Rozotto, editores. Marzo 2013.
En el umbral del atardecer... / On the Threshold of Dusk .... Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller, translator. Marzo 2013.
Six Found Gloves and Mitts. Joe Blades. Artist chapbook. February 2013.

From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage à l’autre. Donna Allard and Nat Hall. December 2012.
“Never Give Up!” The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor. Julie Comeau. October 2012.
Spit on Wishes (2nd edition). Lorne Dufour. Sept 2012.
Antología chiquita. Carlos Morales. July 2012.
Iz knjige koja se ne zatvara. Dzo Blejds [Joe Blades], Tatjane Bijelic (Trans.). March 2012.

Dirty Semiotics. Jesse Ferguson. November 2011.
Liszt Listening Lists. Joe Blades. Limited edition chapbook. October 2011.
Bones of the Magus: All that Remains. Tristis Ward. Seprember 2011
Los puentes del Río San Juan / Bridges over the Saint John River. Capítulo de Fredericton de la AIP antologia. Nela Rio & M. Travis Lane, editora / editors. May 2011.
William Forrestall: Objects for Study. Drawings, meditations & paintings by William Forrestall; essays by Virgil Hammock, Leopold C. J. Kowolik, and William Forrestall; Foreword by RM Vaughan. May 2011.

antimatter (2nd ed.). Hugh Hazelton.
El espacio no es un vacío, incluye todos los tiempos. Editora Nela Rio. BJP eBook 51.
En las noches que desvisten otras noches / Durant les nuits qui déshabillent d’autres nuits, by Nela Rio; Jill Valéry, traductrice.
La luna, Tango, siempre la luna / The Moon, Tango, Always the Moon. Nela Rio. Edith Jonsson-Devillers translator into English. Poetry.
re:myth: Stories and Poems by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang. Joe Blades and Biff Mitchell, editors.

A Fredericton Alphabet (2nd ed.). John Leroux, Foreword by Peter Pacey, photos & architecture, local history
Notre langue maternelle et nos langues fraternelles / Our Mother Tongue and Sister Languages. Pauline Michel; Marylea MacDonald, translator. Essay. BJP eBook 50
Venus Butterfly. Pauline Michel; Jonathan Kaplansky translator into English; Preface by Marie-Claire Blais. Co-published with White Dwarf Editions, Montreal.

Aquella luz, la que estremece / The Light that Makes Us Tremble. Poetry by Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator.
from the book that doesn't close. Joe Blades.
The York County Jail: A Brief Illustrated History. George MacBeath & Emelie Hubert.

New Muse of Contempt, vol 13, no 1 ("The 24 hour zine thing!" issue: 21 July). Joe Blades.
S., a novel in [xxx] dreams. by Lee D. Thompson
UGLY: an instant spoken word chapbook anthology. Joe Blades, editor.

aubade. rob mclennan.
aubade sampler. Chapbook, by rob mclennan.
aubade sampler BJP eBook 49 (PDF). by rob mclennan.
Eyes of Water. A novel by Pauline Michel. Jonathan Kaplansky, translator.
Funambule / Tightrope. Bilingual collection of poems by Pauline Michel. Nigel Spencer, translator.
Heart’s Cupboard. Edward Gates.
Inappropriate Behaviour. Tim Lander.
Jewelweed. Karen Davidson.
The Art of the Chapbook. Tim Lander (BJP eBook 51, PDF).

Postcards from Ex-Lovers. Jo-Anne Elder.
Dancing Alone: Selected Poems. William Hawkins.
Let Rest. Serge Patrice Thibodeau; Jonathan Kaplansky, translator.
Impossible Landscapes. Tony Steele.
ancient motel landscape. shauna mccabe.
Is that you, Vincent?. Chapbook, Pauline Michel; Jonathan Kaplansky, translator.

Starting From Promise, 2nd edition. Lorne Dufour; edited, with an introduction, by Harold Rhenisch.
afterimage / naknadna slika. Chapbook. Joe Blades.
Sculpture: A Journey to the Circumference of the Earth. Robin Peck.
Poems for the Christmas Season. Robert Hawkes, Peggy Hawkes, Todd Hawkes.
The Space of Light / El espacio de la luz. Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller, editor & translator.
Republic of Parts. Stephanie Maricevic.
Garden of the Gods. Dina Desveaux.
The Robbie Burns Revival & Other Stories. Cecilia Kennedy.
Memories of Sandy Point, St George’s Bay, Newfoundland, 2nd edition. Phyllis Pieroway.
Sustaining the Gaze: When Images Tremble / Sosteniendo la mirada: cuando las imágenes tiemblan / Soutenant le regard: quand les images tremblent. Brian Atkinson, Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller & Jill Valéry, translators.
Túnel de proa verde / Tunnel of the Green Prow, 2nd edition. Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator.

All the Perfect Disguises. Lorri Neilsen Glenn.
Antimatter. Hugh Hazelton.
Beauty and Myth. William Forestall, Virgil Hammock.
During Nights that Undress Other Nights / En las noches que desvisten otras noches. Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller, translator.
Groundswell: best of above/ground press, 1993-2003. rob mclennan, editor.
I Love You: 65 international poets united against violence against women. Gino d’Artali, editor.
Maiden Voyages: Ship’s Company Theatre premieres 2000-2003. Scott Burke, editor.
Space Station 1, Joe Blades.
Sunset. Pablo Urbanyi; Hugh Hazelton, translator.

Mangoes on the Maple Tree. Uma Parameswaran.
Sweet Mother Prophesy. Andrew Titus.
The Yoko Ono Project. Jean Yoon + Yoko Ono.
Paper Hotel. rob mclennan.
resume drowning. Jon Paul Fiorentino.
Singapore. John Palmer.
Peppermint Night. Vanna Tessier.
This Day Full of Promise: Poems Selected and New. Michael Dennis (rob mclennan, editor).
Break the Silence. Denise DeMoura.
Cuerpo amado/Beloved Body. Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator.

A Fredericton Alphabet, John Leroux.
Mentor’s Canon, Kemeney Babineau, editor
These are My Elders, Chad Norman, Heather Spears (illustrations)
Extreme Poets (BS Poetry Society), Fred Wah, Mari-Lou Rowley, Jeanette Lynes, Donna Kane, Hilary Clark, Joe Blades
Day of the Dog-tooth Violets, Christina Kilbourne
Great Lakes Logia, Joe Blades, editor
The Sweet Smell of Mother’s Milk-Wet Bodice, Uma Parameswaran
Starting from Promise, Lorne Dufour
Avoidance Tactics, Sky Gilbert
Jive Talk: George Fethering in Interviews and Documents, Joe Blades, editor

JC & Me, Ted Mouradian
Imprints and Casualties, Anne Burke, editor
bagne, or Criteria for Heaven, rob mclennan
open road west, Joe Blades
Bathory, Moynan King
Beyond Borders, Laurence Hutchman
Cranmer and Pole–Archbishops, Robert Hawkes
Reader Be Thou Also Ready, Robert James
The Curse of Gutenberg, Dan Daniels
Heart-Beat of Healing, Denise DeMoura
Shadowy Technicians: New Ottawa Poets, rob mclennan (ed.)
The Art of the Chapbook, Tim Lander

CHSR Poetry Slam, Andrew Titus
Railway Station, karl wendt
What Was Always Hers, Uma Parameswaran
All the Other Phil Thompsons Are Dead, Phil Thompson
The Longest Winter, Julie Doiron, Ian Roy
Tales for an Urban Sky, Alice Major
What Morning Illuminates, Suzanne Hancock
Wharves and Breakwaters of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Sarah Petite
Combustible Light, Matt Santateresa
Elemental Mind, K.V. Skene
Song of the Vulgar Startling, Eric Miller
Manitoba highway map, rob mclennan
Speaking through Jagged Rock, Connie Fife
New Power, Christine Lowther

Túnel de proa verde/Tunnel of the Green Prow, Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator
Seeing The World With One Eye, Edward Gates
tell them...: H Andcrafted by pepe marart, Pepe Marart
Crossroads Cant, Mary Elizabeth Grace, Mark Seabrook, Shafiq, Ann Shin, Joe Blades (editor)
Like Minds, Shannon Friesen
the bride of Inglish, Zaffi Gousopoulos
Heaven of Small Moments, Allan Cooper
longing at least is constant, Katheryn Payne
for a cappuccino on Bloor, kath macLean
Notes on drowning, rob mclennan
vein of extreme(ties), WhiteFeather
Coils of the Yamuna, John Weier
Hebarium of Souls, Vladimir Tasić
I Hope It Don’t Rain Tonight, Phillip Igloliorti

SPEAK! Six OmniGothic NeoFuturists, Jim Larwill, Craig Carpenter, Michelle Desbarats, Sean Johnston, Rocco Paoletti, Malcolm Todd
Strong Winds: The Second Canadian Poetry Association Anthology, Sheila Hyland, editor
Only the Salt, Doug Underhill
Open 24 Hours, Anne Burke, D.C. Reid, Brenda Niskala, Joe Blades, rob mclennan
Rum River, Raymond Fraser
In the Dark—Poets & Publishing, Joe Blades, editor
Gift of Screws, Robin Hannah
Best in Life: A Guide to Managing Your Relationships with Others, in Your Workplace and, Especially, with Yourself, Ted Mouradian
96 tears (in my jeans), R.M. Vaughan
There Are No Limits to How Far the Traveller Can Go, Edward Gates
Rant, Sabrina Fowler-Ferguson

Help! You Need It, We Offer It, Joe Blades
Memories of Sandy Point, St George’s Bay, Newfoundland, Phyllis Pieroway
Sandy Point Map, Charles Warren Pieroway
Anxiety Attack, I.B. Iskov
Thoughts Collected & Otherwise, Alex Madsen
A View from the Bucket, Jean Redekopp

St Valentine’s Day, Jennifer Footman
The InCorrupt Tables, R.M. Vaughan
Poetry and Music from Under the Watchful Eye, James Deahl & D.C. Fitzgerald
Under the Watchful Eye: Poetry & Discourse, James Deahl
An Invisible Accordion: A Canadian Poetry Association Anthology, Jennifer Footman, editor
Stones of My Flesh, Joe Blades
Road Trip 3, p.j. flaming
Poems from the Blue Horizon, rob mclennan
may contain and/or, Joe Blades, editor
The Best Lack All, Tom Schmidt
This Grievous Injury, Robert Hawkes
Earth Aches, Robert Gibbs
Reflection of a Frog, M.R. LeDuc

Solstice, Joe Blades
A Lad from Brantford & Other Essays, David Adams Richards
Synopsis, Joe Blades
Voir Dire, pj flaming
Dark Seasons: A Selection of Georg Trakl Poems, Georg Trakl, Robin Skelton (translator)
Poems for Little Catarqui, Eric Folsom
Hawthorn, Arthur Bull, Ruth Ruth (illustrations)

Cat Poems, Sarah Rose, Timmy Rose

aaaaaaab, Joe Blades
Salvador, A.J. Perry
future now past, Joe Blades
Cover Makes a Set, Joe Blades
& care electronic, Joe Blades
By(e) the River, Joe Blades

Chaste Wood, karl wendt
Paper Bags, Joe Blades
Drawings by Poet, Beth Jankola

Poems from Peru, Kathy Mac
Reflections, Joe Blades
Ecphore ’87 Poetry Anthology, Joe Blades & Kathy Mac (editors)

Bourbon Street Poetry Workshop: Ecphore Installation Piece, Deidre Dwyer, Joe Blades, Joanne Light, Kathy Mac, Derek Spagnoli

eurotrip poetry postcards, Joe Blades