Joe Blades, Publisher, at a press conference, Belgrade Book Fair, 2004. Photo by the Canadian Embassy. Broken Jaw Press Inc.
Box 596 Stn A
Fredericton NB E3B 5A6

Welcome to our publishing house!

“Great writing needs great publishers. Broken Jaw Press is one of this country’s treasures.”
—Sean Wilson, Artistic Director, Ottawa International Writers Festival (onstage, Spring Edition, 2005)

“In Fredericton, Joe Blades’s Broken Jaw Press is a prolific source of new poetry.”
—Roy MacSkimming, The Perilous Trade: Publishing Canada’s Writers (M&S)

“All praise to Blades and Broken Jaw Press for putting this work before the public. Let there be many, many, many more.”
—George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Herald

“I like Broken Jaw. The press has jam, personality and takes chances that no other press takes in this country.”
—Joe Rosenblatt

Independent Canadian literary arts publishing house Broken Jaw Press was founded by writer–artist Joe Blades in the winter of 1984 while he was working in Banff, Alberta. After being in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1984–1990, the publishing house has been based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Incorporated in 2003, Broken Jaw Press Inc. and its imprints publish poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction, by both new and award-winning authors.

More than a publishing house, Broken Jaw Press is an energy-centre that gathers in writers and readers from all of the margins. Located east of the centre of Canada and left of the mainstream, we specialize in highly contemporary writing by poets, writers, translators and artists who take risks and take the responsibility for doing something different. Diverse in gender, genre, age and origin, our authors and artists have one thing in common: they go out to the edge. Many of the writers are positioned on the outside, whether by their native language or by their work with language, and writing, for them, is a highly conscious act, at once deliberate and playful, reflective and releasing, political and personal.

The Broken Jaw Press name came from a medley of sources: a working of the publisher’s initials; letterpress technology—a “jaw” locks flatbed type and furniture in place, if the jaw is loose or broken, the type can move and, in printing, create a bad impression; response to a book review in Mondo Hunkamooga; and a summer 1985 The Globe and Mail article on reconstructive surgery. These fixed the Broken Jaw name with images by Joe Blades—collaged, carved in clay, cast in bronze, inked in skin. In it, we see something of the risk-taking element of writing and publishing poetry and other creative work. We celebrated our first quarter-century in 2009.

In 2012 we produced five books. The first, Iz knjige koja se ne zatvara a poetry collection by Dzo Blejds [Joe Blades, from the book that doesn't close], and Tatjane Bijelic (Trans.), translated into Serbian, is a first for Broken Jaw Press—an international co-publication—with Art Print in Banja Luka, Bosnia–Herzegovina. Our first trilingual poetry book of 2012 is Antología chiquita by Fredericton writer Carlos Morales in Spanish with some tomes translated into English and French. Next off the press was “Never Give Up!” The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor by Julie Comeau, also from Fredericton. Spit on Wishes (2nd edition). by Northern British columbia horse-logging poet Lorne Dufour is a new edition of this long-out-of-print, community-published from 1983. Our final book of the year, co-published with the BS POetry Society, is the trilingual, trans-Atlantic, poetry collection From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage à l’autre by New Brunswick poet Donna Allard and Nat Hall in the Shetlands of Scotland with poems in English, French, and Shetland dialect.

The accomplishments of our authors and their books show something of what we have done, how we have gotten to where we are today. The future is unknown, no matter how we prepare for it, no matter what we dream, but we work to see that Broken Jaw Press and its community of authors, editors, translators, and artists will continue to write and publish great books for great readers everywhere. We have added PayPal for your purchase/payment options and have started a blog to keep you up/down/in on what’s happening in house Broken Jaw and with our authors: visit Broken Jaw Presss blog.

This page was updated on 13 December 2012.

We acknowledge the support of the Province of New Brunswick’s Department of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living–Arts Development Branch. Over the years we have also received support from The Canada Council for the Arts and project support, often indirectly, from the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP) at Canadian Heritage, and from Foreign Affairs Canada.

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