BS Poetry Society

Surely you can recognize that there’s room for a little BS on the Canadian poetry scene.

BS Poetry Society was incorporated in Halifax NS, 1986 as a not-for-profit organization founded in Banff in 1983 to develop and promote literary arts opportunities for writers. Imagine what an organization we would be if poets joined the BS Poetry Society. Poets coast-to-coast writing and publishing poetry chapbooks, books and anthologies, with national distribution and all the benefits a member-driven non-profit group can offer!

Over the years, we have organized peer poetry workshops, instruction workshops, arts research projects, Maritime Provinces author tours and reading series, art exhibition audio poetry installations, book fairs, poetry sweatshop/slam events, radio programs (Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Poetry & Writing Show, with producer-host Joe Blades, heard 7-8 pm, Tuesdays (rebroadcasts, 1-2 am, Thursday) on CHSR 97•9 FM), and poetry award competitions.

BS Poetry Society has published literary periodicals (BSPS Journal, later known as Poetry Halifax Dartmouth and Skatz, 1986-1991). BS Poetry Society is a member of the Small Press Action Network-Eastern Region (SPAN-ER). Our publications are mostly distributed by Broken Jaw Press. To date, we have published the following books and chapbooks:

Republic of Parts. Stephanie Maricevic. Winner of the Poets’ Corner Award 2004. Co-published with Broken Jaw Press (their ISBN 1-55391-025-7). $16.95 CDN, 2003.

Extreme Poets. Poetry by Fred Wah, Mari-Louise Rowley, Jeanette Lynes, Donna Kane, Hilary Clark and Joe Blades. ISBN 0-9694127-6-2, 12 pg, pb, $10 CDN, 2001.

Scenes from the Sugar Bowl Café, by Alice Major. Canadian Poetry Association Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award 1998 winner. ISBN 0-9694127-4-6, 32 pp, pb, 1998.

River Readings 2, edited by WhiteFeather. Poetry by Joe Blades, Richard Grove, Phillip Igloliorti, M. Travis Lane and WhiteFeather. ISBN 0-9694127-5-4, 32 pg, pb, $4.95 CDN, 1998.

Luke and the Wolf, by Roger Bell. Canadian Poetry Association Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award 1997 winner. ISBN 0-9694127-3-8, 40 pp, pb, $4.95 CDN, 1997.

Danger Falling Ice: The League of Canadian Poets Writes of Spring reading in Fredericton, 1997, edited by Joe Blades. Poetry by WhiteFeather, Nela Rio, Steve McOrmond, Douglas Lochhead, Laurence Hutchman, Edward Gates, Heather Browne Prince and Joe Blades. ISBN 0-9694127-2-X, 40 pp, pb, $4.95 CDN, 1997.

Burnt Poets Served Hot, edited byJoe Blades and Matt Stranach. ISBN 0-9694127-1-1, 40 pp, pb, $3.95 CDN, 1995

1989 Nova Scotia Poetry Awards Anthology. Foreword by Lesley Choyce. ISBN 0-9694127-0-3, 51 pp, pb, $6 CDN, 1990.

BS Poetry Society: Ecphore ’87 Poetry Anthology edited by Joe Blades and Kathy Mac. Co-published with Broken Jaw Press. ISBN 0-921411-05-7, 80 pp, out-of-print, 1987.

BS Poetry Society works with other writers’ and arts organizations to broaden our activities and opportunities base and help use become a better organization. We are funded by our members and our activities. Join BS Poetry Society with our handy membership application form. We are not set up for eCom transactions but we will accept your cheque or money order.

BS Poetry Society